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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Book vs. Movie

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Gillian W

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Book vs. Movie

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is an extremely heartwarming, and heartbreaking story that everyone should read. It is also a very important historical document from the Holocaust that inspires millions of people around the world.
The book made me feel more emotions than the movie. One example, of the many examples I could ramble on, is when Anne receives a poem as a gift from her father on her birthday. Anne favors this poem alongside her other favorite gifts. In her diary Anne expresses her love for the poem. And you can feel that warmness she and her father had for each other. In the movie however when Otto reads the poem to Anne, her character is completely ignoring this gift, instead she is coveting a chocolate bar. This depicts Anne as a character she is not, and takes the creative license too far. Can you imagine how many touching moments were poorly portrayed in the movie or even just heartlessly ripped out of Anne’s chest to be thrown in the trash never to be felt or viewed by those who watched the movie?
Not only Is the book more detailed than the movie but it also gives us more information on Anne’s life and the journey of her diary. For example: In the book, we have the forward and book flap that give us more information on what happened to Anne after the last journal entry and also gives us an overview of her life and how the diary became what it is now, and how it got here.
Counter Argument
That doesn’t matter, we don't need all that stuff anyway. The storyline isn't changed.
The book is obviously much better
Any questions comments or concerns?
Who agrees with me?
Barbara Shultz of Common Sense Media .ORG gave the book 5 stars. I would think this to be a seriously immense amount of respect since she only gave Michael Jacksons “love never felt so good” 3 stars and it was pure genius, so The book Anne Frank: The diary of a Young Girl must exceed genius! (I do not need any further commentary on Michael Jackson from you he is a legend and I don't care what you say) Moving on, Shultz writes: “If a novelist were to attempt to invent an authentic young narrator, situation, and story arc, that writer could do no better than the teen Anne Frank did with her diary. ANNE FRANK: THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL is at once instructive, inspiring, and immensely engaging. Readers of any age will feel moved by Anne's great fears and everyday problems. Teens and pre-teens will identify strongly with her struggles to be understood -- or to be left alone -- and will thrill with her as young love unfolds. This is essential reading for young people learning about World War II, and it's a meaningful book about the inner life of teens.” We can trust this review because it came from a website that is .org not just .com… We can also trust this because she has been reviewing literature, movies and music for over 5 years.
To you,
True. It is not, but you must have the forward and the book flap in order to receive the best experience possible and to fully understand Anne's diary.
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Book vs. Movie
By: Gillian Ward

Counter argument: We can get all this feeling from the movie.

You can get some feeling but the movie leaves out the majority of drama and everyday struggles of not just Anne but also of the other people in the annex. So we cannot relate as much.

Counter argument: During that particular scene I did feel emotion. I felt Anne's child-like heart in that scene, and the whimsy she received just of a chocolate bar.
Although I agree this part of the movie did create SOME emotion, the emotions created were false and portray Anne as something she is not, which she would be very unhappy about.
Another example:
The book gave me so much more feeling than the movie did. Hands down. In the book Anne often talked about the issues she had with her mother, and at times even sympathized with her. We didn’t receive the cold, harshness Anne and her mother had for eachother. We also don’t get a look into the sadness and helplessness of their relationship. Anne writes “ I felt sorry for Mother -- very, very sorry -- because for the first time in my life I noticed she wasn't indifferent to my coldness. I saw the sorrow in her face when she talked about not being able to make me love her.” This isn’t in the movie, we don’t see or hear barely anything in the movie about this aspect of their mother-daughter relationship. Therefor the book is better than the movie.
We can witness some of the feeling in the movie.
BUT: The miniscule amount of “feeling” you are talking about is not enough to overpower the countless instances where Anne pours out her inner emotions onto her pages. So much emotion is lost within the movie.
After the book flap and the forward that provided us with a lot of good information to help us understand the book. The book starts out with Anne Talking about her birthday and her gifts. Afterwards Anne gives us her take on all of her classmates. Which is really important. The movie doesn't show us any of this. What we can take from the way Anne views her classmates and “friends” shows us how Anne thinks. FOR EXAMPLE: Anne wrote: “.J.R. - I could write a whole book about her. J. is a detestable, sneaky, stuck-up, two-faced gossip who thinks she's so grown-up... She thinks she's gorgeous, but she's not. J. and I can't stand each other.” Even though we all love Anne, this part of the book shows us that she is very judgemental and hypocritical. In the diary Anne writes “Jacqueline van Maarsen is supposedly my best friend, but I've never had a real friend. At first I thought Jacque would be one, but I was badly mistaken” This quote shows us that deep down Anne is lonely and aching for real friends. This is an important part of the book to understand Anne. So logically, the book is better than the movie.

Counter argument: To explain all these things would take too long.BUT: You may say this, and it is true, but with a little more time, devotion, determination, and intelligence you can gain an experience you can only receive from reading a book. These are all important qualities you can develop from reading a book. Also the time you invest in reading a book helps you develop a valuable relationship with your characters that cannot be achieved in the course of a short hour-long movie
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