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How My Passions Impact the World

No description

Veronica Calvo

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of How My Passions Impact the World

How My Passions Impact the World
How do I Know What I am Passionate About?
The SIRS Discoverer dictionary defines passionate as "capable of, having or dominated by powerful emotions" and also "showing or expressing strong emotion; ardent."
Things I May Be Passionate About
A Person
What Are Passions?
Passions are the things that move us. They cause us to think, inspire us to do more and be more. We are inspired by passionate people!
Passionate People Change the World (for good or ill)
What do I spend my time on?
Who or what am I willing to suffer or sacrifice for?
An elderly relative, a person with special needs, a friend, a spouse, a child
A Community of People
Those suffering from natural disasters, the poor, those discriminated against, the downtrodden, those with special needs, the unborn
An Idea
Christianity, Math, Science, History, Also: Marxism, Atheism, Nazism, Environmentalism, etc.
A Thing
Sports, Art, Music, Animals, Video Games, Money, Power, Pleasure, Personal Appearance...
A Place
The beach, forest, Everglades, mountains, rainforest, my country
Sometimes our passions are oriented toward something good, but sometimes they can be oriented toward something neutral or even bad.
St. Paul
Alexander the Great
Mother Teresa
Joseph Stalin
St. Francis of Assisi
Pope John Paul II
Martin Luther King, Jr.
A Good Teacher...
But how do MY passions impact the WORLD?
My world starts at home.
My Passions can Impact:
My Family
My Friends
My Neighbors
My Sports Teams
My School
My City
My Country
What do I think or daydream about?
Ask yourself these questions:
How Do My Passions Become Actions?
Personal Interactions
Service Projects
Acts of Love
Letter Writing
Personal Holiness
What I do MATTERS!
God created me with with the ability to love and be passionate. He wants me to use my gifts to impact the world in a positive way!
Passions Gone Wrong: Using their passions to influence the world for ill
Doing My Best at What I am Passionate About
What do I live for?
I guess I wouldn't mind getting up early to go to my swim meet.
I need to learn how to channel my passions toward a good end--so that I can impact the world positively. If not, then I risk being consumed by them.
Where do I do from here?
Rosa Parks
Leaders of Companies
Olympic Athletes
Christopher Columbus
I am the master of my passions; they are not the master of me.
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