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Writing Process

No description

Tiffiney Hawkins

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Writing Process

Publishing The finished paper that is neat and ready to share You can do it!
One step at a time!! Writing Process Drafting Write based on your plan
don't worry about spelling Making the draft better Prewriting Revising This just means my plan
Fred 5 sense
show, not tell Brain pop:
http://www.brainpop.com/english/writing/shownottell/ spell the word the way it sounds understand the prompt Topic
Phrase Add needed sentences
Delete sentences
Combine sentences
Rearrange sentences move join together take out Editing Keep making it better Look for errors/mistakes:
Subject-verb agreement
Possessive nouns –apostrophe
Transition words
Spelling errors
Run-on sentences
Fragments Writing Process SWAG Writing Prompt:
Why is honesty important in friendship? Think about one of your friends. Tell at least three things about this friend that makes him or her a good friend. What I'm suppose to write about!!! Writing Process 1. Understand Prompt
2. Prewriting---Think
3. Drafting---Write
4. Revising---- +, _, move
5. Editing---correct errors/CUPS
6. Publish---neat and ready to share
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