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Marlene Muniz

No description

marlene muniz

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Marlene Muniz

Marlene Muniz
Earthquake Preparedness

RUSD Handbook
Topics of Discussion
Plan of Action
Parents are prevented
"Duck and Cover!"
all clear bell
Plan of Action
The basic plan of action, should a disaster occur during school hours, outlines responsibilities and cooperation necessary to safeguard students before, during, and after an emergency.
Parents are Prevented
If parents are prevented from reaching the schools, the District will provide care and shelter until students and parents can be reunited.
"Duck and Cover!"
Direct students to “Duck and Cover!” All students and staff should position themselves under desks and tables, with their hands on top of their heads and their arms shielding their necks and heads.
all clear bell
Upon the ringing of the all clear bell, security and/or administration will dismiss students, class by class, to return to their classrooms.
The world has got to know what to do in big and strong earthquakes.

Little children should be with an adult and not out of sight during the earthquake.

Once we experience a big earthquake we will know what to do and be safe with altogether.
Elizabeth Ventura
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