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Resume Workshop

Resume Writing 101

Rachel Enochs

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Resume Workshop

The average interview lasts about one hour.
How long is the average resume review by an employer?
2-3 minutes
20 seconds or less
1-2 minutes
As long as it takes
Types of Resumes
Highlights stable work history and career progression
Highlights skill sets from various experiences
Includes a combination of the chronological and functional resume- often preferred for recent college graduates
What is the purpose of a Resume?
To qualify you for an interview
To highlight and market your skills and qualifications
To help prepare you for interviewing
Qualities of Excellent Resumes
What are the important characteristics?
Relevant (to the position sought)
Visually appealing
Relevant (to the position)
Focus on your relevant strengths and skills as they apply to the field and/or job you want
Highlight key information (or key words)
Prioritize qualifying data
Exclude (or de-emphasize) non-relevant info
QUANTIFY using statistics, numbers, percentages and dollar amounts (#%$)
Resume Writing 101
Avoid the use of first person pronouns (I, me, my)
Limit the use of articles (a, an, the)
Use language and keywords contained in the job posting
Use action verbs to start phrases
Use phrases instead of sentences when possible
One Page preferable for most employers
Avoid personal data (age, gender, DOB, pictures, etc...)
ALWAYS use reverse chronological order in all sections
Visually Appealing
No complete sentences anywhere on the resume
Use standard and consistent fonts
10-12 point fonts
.75" margins
Use bullet points, bolding,
CAPITALIZATION and indention
Good quality resume paper
One Page only, unless you have significant experience
Sections of a Resume
The Heading
Summary or Profile
Relevant course work or academic projects
Work Experience
Honors & Awards
Volunteer Experience
Additional Skills or Qualifications
Computer/Technical Qualifications
Full Name
Physical Address, City State ZIP
Phone Number * PROFESSIONAL e-mail address
Name of degree (complete & accurate)
Date of Degree or Expected Graduation
Name and Location of Institution
Major/Minor(s) & Concentrations
Overall GPA/Major GPA (3.0+)
Relevant Coursework
Academic Honors
Volunteer/Community Service
Organization Involvement
Job Shadowing
Action Verbs
Administered * Advised * Balanced * Compiled * Created * Demonstrated * Designed * Expedited * Organized * Planned * Proposed * Supervised * Trained * Updated * Coordinated *Budgeted
Event Coordinator, Campus Activities Board
The University of Texas at San Antonio May 2009-June 2010
SCHEDULED and COORDINATED all major University Center events including films series, poetry slams, concerts, and game nights.
ORGANIZED and TRAINED volunteers for various events
INCREASED membership of CAB 20% for fall of 2009
MAINTAINED and RECONCILED budget of $5,0000
COMMUNICATED with vendors, artists, and speakers
Valuable Soft Skills
In a recent report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 244 employers took part in the Job Outlook Survey 2012 and the findings concluded that employers look for evidence of these five skills on a resume:
Working on a Team
Written Communication
Strong Work Ethic
3-4 individuals who can speak about your qualifications (former employers, supervisors, faculty members, advisers)
Check with references BEFORE using them
Prepare a list of references with complete contact information
Always list on a separate page from the resume
Where to find resume templates:
RowdyJobs "Resource Library"
The Campus Career Coach via RowdyJobs
Job Search Guide pages 6-10, www.hireroadrunners.com
Career related books and magazines in the Career Library
Resources from your career counselor
Any Questions?

Main Campus: 210-458-4589
Downtown Campus: 210-458-2910
Career Objective
Is it necessary?
it depends
How Specific?
work study
length of position
How long?
one sentence
Objective should be EMPLOYER centered and not self-centered!!

"Seeking a summer 2013 internship in the human resources or event planning industry"
Summary of Qualifications
What is it for?? Identify 3-6 key achievements
that support the career objective & job description
Some Examples:
Intermediate skills in Spanish
CPR and First Aid certified through May of 2014
Excellent customer service skills with the ability to interact with a wide range of personality styles
Detail oriented, familiar working with Microsoft Excel, PPT, and Publisher
Experience working within a budget and marketing large scale campus events
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Bachelor of Science in Psychology Expected Graduation: May 2014
Minor is Spanish
*Seeking pre-requisites for Physician Assistant program*
Cumulative GPA: 3.2 Major GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: class name, class name, class name, etc...
Experience Section
Use bullet points and phrases
Stay relevant to the position sought
Highlight achievements and accomplishments, not just job duties
Quantify your experience if possible using numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts.
Always list the title you held, the organization or company name, city, state, and dates you held the position
Activities & Honors
Include student organizations, volunteer activities, scholarships, leadership roles, and academic achievements that are relevant to the position.
Campus Activities Board, member, 2011-2013 President, 2012-2013
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, 2011-present
Roadrunner Scholarship, 2010-2012
Blood Drive Bus, volunteer coordinator, 2011
Junior Achievement of South Texas, volunteer, fall 2010, presented business topics to elementary students
Additional Skills
Fluent in Spanish, conversational in French
Proficient in Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Familiar with C++ and Java
CPR and First Aid Certified, valid through August 2014
Unacceptable: 2hot4u@yahoo.com
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