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How did Hitler come to power?

By JessBondd.

Jessica Bond

on 8 June 2009

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Transcript of How did Hitler come to power?

How did Hitler come to power? 1889; Adolf
Hitler was
born 1913; Hitler
moved to Germany 1919; He
joined the
National Socialist German Workers' Party- The Nazis From 1924 to
1929 Adolf Hitler
recognised the Nazi
Party for the future. After 1929, He won
support by promising
Germans a better life. Adolf Hitler came
second in the elections
in 1932. In 1933 he became
Chanellor and he began
to pass his own laws.
Hitler had all the power
in the world, just how
he wanted it. In 1934 Hitler
used his personal
body gaurds to kill
hundreds of SA
men! On the 19th of August
1934 President Hindenburg died
on the 2nd of August, so Hitler
declared himself Fuhrer-
and commandor of the army. In 1924 Hitler was in
Prison, and decided to
write a book, called
Mein Kampf. He explained his ideas, he became popular.
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