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Read Up

No description

Stephanie Biese

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Read Up

Read Up is collaborating with United Way of Dane County and the Madison Public Library to pilot a Read Up program in two Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) recreation sites this summer to help prevent “summer slide,” where students experience a loss of learning during the summer months. The Read Up program will bring additional staff support to infuse recreational activities with literacy enrichment and provide volunteers from the Schools of Hope program and the Morgridge Center’s Badger Volunteers, to work with students in the afternoon recreation programs.
Read Up is a Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) campaign to promote reading and give parents tools to help their children get more from what they are reading.
The Mission
Weekly Themes
Week 1: Schools Out for Summer

Week 2: Life is a Highway

Week 3: Best of Me

Week 4: Blinded Me with Science

Week 5: Waterfalls (Water, Water Everywhere

Week 6: Around the World

On the Job: Procedures and Trouble Shooting
Upon Arrival:
Check in at the school office and then with your Read Up site leader
in the Read Up volunteer binder
Go over lesson plan for the day
Report to your assigned class to check in with program leader
A few activities to match the theme for Week 1
A Partnership with MSCR, Madison Public Libraries, The United Way and MMSD
"Pop Quiz"
"Selfy" Collage
Students search through discarded magazines for pictures, words, or anything else that might be used to describe them.

Trace students' shoulders and head on a large piece of paper.

Have students cut out their silhouettes (or help them with this step), then fill them with a collage of pictures and words that express their identity.
**be sure there are NO latex allergies in the classroom (students, volunteers and staff) before preparing this activity

write a series of getting-to-know-you questions on slips of paper -- one question to a slip.

Fold up the slips, and tuck each slip inside a different balloon. Blow up the balloons.

Give each student a balloon, and let students take turns popping their balloons and answering the questions inside.
As supporters of these activities, how might you go about engaging students and ensuring they have the support they need to complete the activity?
Beach Ball Catch
Take a beach ball and write activities on it in black permanent marker. Examples are: play tag, sing part of a song, play duck, duck, goose, Say your favorite color, etc.

Then the students go outside and stand in a circle. One child starts with the ball and tosses it to another child while calling out their name.

The student whose name was called catches the ball and wherever his/her thumb lands, they are to play or say whatever the ball tells them.
Other Activities Include:
Afternoon messages to begin each day
Read alouds - Close Reading
Written directions to guide projects
Singing children's songs with lyrics displayed
Finger plays with storybooks (i.e. 5 Little Monkeys)
Weekly trips to the school library to explore books matching the week's theme (one field trip to Public Library for Orchard Ridge)
Unsure what the next step is? What issues can you foresee?
Have you checked in with your program leader?
Do all students look engaged in the activity?
Do all students understand the activity?

Is there another way to "turn it around"?
Should we move to a Plan B activity?
Grab a book!
Tips for Supporting Literacy in Activities
When giving directions - refer students to written materials. Ask them to read through once and then read steps again as they complete the activity.

Ask students questions after they read portions of text and refer them back to the text if they are unsure of answers.

If text is too hard - read it to them and have them follow along. Ask questions to make sure they understand what was read.

Remember literacy is not just reading text - it's understanding the text, types of text and how to use the text.

Family Night -
Read Up Food and Fun!
Orchard Ridge
July 1st and 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm

July 8th and 29th from 5:30-7:30pm

Students will decorate a book holder
Parents will receive literacy tips

All will explore the "bookstore" to choose a free book, film videos reading with each other, register for a Madison Public Library card and EAT!
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