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The Great Wall of China

A background for our presentation on The Great Wall of China

Ivan Tochimani

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of The Great Wall of China

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The emperor who built the Great Wall of China was called Qin Shu Huang
He reigned for eleven years
He had a terracotta army
Elliot's Interveiw
Born 259 BC
Built the terracotta
army to be surround
him when he's buried.

Q: What types of walls can you think of both literal and metiforical?
A:Walls between friends,and the Vietnam Wall.

Q: What is the perpose/effects of walls?
A: To separate things.

Q:Do you think they are good or bad?
A: It depends on what they are used for.

Question 1: She knows
normal walls that you cant walk through and mental walls.
Question 2: To keep away from something or someone.
Question 3: Both it depends on the type of wall because sometimes it can be good to keep people out.

I intervewed Kayleb.
Many people tried to overthrow him
He is known as the man who unified china
He was 13 when his father died
Legend says he was a tyrant driven mad by power
I think walls are bad because they stop unity wicth we need in todays dog eat dog world
The wall getting built
The wall was made out of wood, mud, stone , twigs, and dead bodys of the slaves.
The slaves were poor chinese farmer from the northern parts of China.
A myth about the great wall is when one the workers died on the job his wife's cries broke a section of the wall.
The Great Wall Of China:
By Ivan, Kacey, Roland, and Elliot
Why was The Great Wall of China built: Ivan
The emperor who built The Great Wall Of China
His name was Qin Shi Huang
The emperor was hated by the people
He forced the people to build the Great Wall of China

By: Kacey
Not the prettiest poem but I did my best!!

Raise your hand if :

You think my poem was awsome.

You think my poem was OK.

You think it sucked.

BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Building the great wall of china video:
A little pic of
Roland's interveiw's
The Emperors didn't care for anyone.
He always took poor farmers and made them work.
Everyday and night without rest.
Great! Now when they die they are built into the wall.
Right now they are probably skeletons.
Eventually the wall had to be finished.
(After 20,000 years)
The Great Wall was finished in the 5Th century.
While the wall was built for defence
All it did was defend for a tiny bit.
Like the Mongles,
Like the Mongles takeing over.
Over the safe side of the Great Wall some idiot opened the western gates.
For money,
China was taken over
Have they no mercy?!?!?
I think the wall was a wast of time
Now it is under control by China again!!!
A stupid use.
A little pic of the battle against Mongolia and China:
Yet another picture of a battle:
A video of the great wall of china
One of the seven wonders of the world:
Ivan's interview:
The Wall eventually fell because a traitor let in the mongols through the western doors!!!
By: Roland S. Green
Some facts:
. Wall could send messages from 700 miles way with fire and flags
. Used to keep mongols and other western barbaric
Ivan interviewed his older cousin.
. Mongols wanted china because of the fertile land that they did not have in the west.
. Not only mongols, but other western northern tribes such as the Xiongu and Sima Quin.
. Emperor Qin Shihuang ordered that the northern sections of wall on state borders, especially the walls in the northern part of China built by the states of Qin, Zhao and Yan, be joined together to form a unified line of defense against Mongol harassment from the north, the first Great Wall.
Another picture of the great wall of china
I iterviewed my brother Ray
how thought of the berlin wall and destrations .because destration keep you out.
Kacey's Interview
Purposes of wall is to keep people out which is how we keep people safe.
Question 1. What kind of walls do you know?
A. I know The Great Wall of China and the Berlin wall.
Question 2. What is the purpose of walls?
A. To seperate people.
Question 3. Do you think walls are good or bad?
A. I think they are bad because no one should be seperated from each other.
My brother told me that he thought walls are good because they can protect people
Group bubble:
Ivan's opinion about walls in general based on the questions:
. When I think about walls I usually think about The Great Wall of China or the wall the walls in my room. Mental walls I think about Oklahoma.
. I think the purpose of all these walls is to seperate people. Not the greatest purpose.
. Walls are bad, in my opinion. Why, because they seperate people from each other. Every one should be able to meet other people

Wall trivia ( fun facts)
1. Contrary to common belief, the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space with the naked eye. It can be seen with aid.
2. The west side of the Berlin wall was covered in graffiti. The East side was not.
3. There are 58,267 names now listed on that polished black wall, including those added in 2010. (Vietnam wall)
Kacey's opinion on walls in genereal based questions below:
1. When i think about walls I think about walls in my room or walls that have separated many people.
2. I think the perpose of the walls are for defence and protection.
3. Walls are OK in my opinion it just depends on what they are uses for.
Roland's opinion on walls
Elliots opinion on walls:
1. When I think about walls I think about walls that are used to seperate people or for privacy.
2. I think the purpose of walls is to seperate
3. I think some walls are good and some walls are bad because seperating pepole is not always a good thing or bad thing.

a mantel wall is hate it can make you block out friends and family
the effect of walls is to keep people out and stop unity
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