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Iroquois confederacy


Epica Awesome

on 8 May 2012

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Transcript of Iroquois confederacy

The Iroquois Confederacy The Iroquois Confederacy was
formed in 1142. They were located in Southern Ontairio.
These Nations were once in war, but then one day,a great leader came and showed them the great law of peace. Thats when the wars eneded. The Nations are Seneca,Cayuga,Onandaga,Oneida,Mowhawk. What Was the Structure of Their Goverment Mohawk Wolf Clan Turtle Clan Womens Council Mens Council 3 Clan Mothers
3 Hoyaneh womens Council Mens Council 3 Clan Mothers
3 Hoyaneh Womens Council Mens Council 3 Clan Mothers
3 Hoyaneh Bear clan The Diagram shows the structure of the goverment for a nation. The nation used in the diagram was just an example. Every clan would make decissions by consensus then the clan mother would choose the hoyeneh to repersent them at the council. council The Grand Council 50 Hoyaneh
in grand council Mowhawk
9 hoyaneh Onondaga
14 hoyaneh Cayuga 10 hoyaneh Seneca
8 hoyaneh Oneida 9 hoyaneh The Grand Council had altogether 50 Hoyaneh.
The Hoyaneh from each nation would represent their clan and nation at the Grand Council. The Hoyaneh`s Clan Mothers attended the grand council to make sure the Hoyaneh did a good job and represented the nation nicely. When Every Clan reaches a consensus, It goes to
the keepers of the council fire (onandaga) to decide final
decission How is their Government Compared to Canada`s government Any Questions ... small ? What Was The Role Of Women Women Council Clan Mothers The Iroquois Confederacy .They advised the Clan Mother
. They made decisions through consensus
. They tell the clan mothers their ideas and worries.
. They are a part of the decission making process. .Clan Mothers are most eldest and respected in their clan.
. They choose the hoyaneh.
.They decide when to replace the hoyaneh.
.All concerns are mentioned to them
.They are chosen by hereditary.
.They must take care of their clan. Canada Iroqouois .Canada uses repers-
entitive democracy Iroquois uses consensus BY: Nabeeha Maysun .For Canada it does
not take too long
to make decission Since everyone's ideas are incorporated, it
takes time to make a decision. .We have repersent-
tives The Iroquois has clan mothers and
hoyaneh's. .In Canada if a re-
persentative does
not do a god job,
they are just not el-
ected in the next
election .In the Iroquois nation if hoyaneh does
bad jb they get 3 warnings until clan
mother can replace them. .Clan mothers can only be replaced
though heriditary .In order for decission to be valid
everyone must agree. . In order for
decission to happen
majrity must choose
AND FREEDOMS 1.Freedom to speech.
2.Right to agree or disagree
3. Freedom to use consensus
4. Right to voice oppinions.
5. The right t marry someone from a different clan.
6. Right to get a voice in decision making.
7. Right to have opinions.
8. Freedom to discuss issues
9. Freedom to be in womens or mens council.
10. Right to live in peace References Text Book WHAT IS THE ROLE OF MEN Mens Council Hoyaneh Was the Iroquois Confederacy democratic?
In my opinion the Iroquois Confederacy was
democratic because democracy means EVERY
ONE gets a voice in decision making, and since they used consensus everyone did get a voice, Their way is really good because everyone is happy. This way no arguments will happen. 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Iroquois Confederacy tiemline Wampum belt Pictures!! .They advised the clan mothers
.Participated in decision making.
.Used Consensus for decision making.
.Among all of them a hoyaneh was chosen.
They were a part of the decission making process. .Made decisions for nation.
.Represented their clans and nations at the grand council.
. They have to do a good job in taking care of
clan or else their replaced .
. Used consensus.
.Chosen by clan mother. The picture below is the flag for the Iroquois confederacy. The pattern on the flag is also the order of all the nations. The older brothers (Mohawk and Seneca) are on the outside of all the nations to protect their younger brothers (Cayuga and Oneida)
Onondaga (keepers of the council fire) were right in the middle of all the nations. This order can also be turned into a Hiawatha wampum belt. There is also a two row wampum belt representing the treaty between the french and the Iroquois. 0 B.C.E. 500 500 1000 1500 2000 When confederacy was formed 1142 Researchers believe that the confederacy started
around here because it happened near a solar eclipse. The Nations Mohawk- older brother, keepers of eastern door
Seneca- olde brother, keepers of the western door.
Cayuga- younger brother
Oneida- younger brother
Onondaga- keepers of the council fire. The End Order of Government Hoyaneh Womens and
mens council (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Clan
mother People In The Government Out of all the government in the Iroquois, The clan mothers
had the most power. Then came the hoyaneh with the second most
power, since the Clan mothers were in charge of them, last but not least the women's and men's councils come third, but that never meant
they had no rights References Textbook HOW DID THE IROQUOIS MAKE DECISSIONS The Iroquois made decisions by consensus. They believed everybody got the right to have a voice if one nation does not agree, the decision is not used. This is a great way to make decisions through government but also it would take a pretty long time, so the Iroquois had lots of patience. Consensus means that people discuss the issue until they reach a decission they can agree on. Consensus means EVERONE has to agree. In canada we use Votinf. Only majority agrees but its a lot quicker. Tree of peace Long House The long house was where the Iroquois confederacy lived. In each long house, lived a clan from a nation. The long house as you can see was very long. The people in their
in the clan ate, slept, and talked about important events in there. On top of the long house were holes because, in the middle of the long house was a fire place and the holes let the smoke out.
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