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Producers Expectations

No description

Brittany Freer

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Producers Expectations

Producers Expections: producers income
that depends on the prices they can charge
for their products.
Model T Horse & Buggy The model T. increased demand because it was affordable car that middle class families could buy. The horse and buggy decresed because with the model t you could go further, and not stop as much to feed horses, etc.
Work Citations: Back in the Day http://en.wikipedia.org
In 1985 Coca Cola wanted to make a new product, recreated their soft drink formula hoping that it would in crease their profit. So they came up with "New coke" with a completely different formula, which means it had a different taste. But it turns out America didn't like the new coke, so in 1992 they pulled the blug on it because instead of making more money, it wanst selling any at all
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