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Crash Test Engineering

No description

Blake Staley

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Crash Test Engineering

Crash Test Engineering
Type of Work
Crash Test Engineers design/test any kind vehicle against any kind of out thing, object, ramp, fence,etc. The reason for testing all these variables and crazy outcomes is to test the safety and efficiency of that kind of vehicle. This helps the company who designed it to figure what part of the vehicle they could change to make it more safe.
Current Salary
The average salary for a Crash Test Engineer ranges from
to around
. Of course, this will all depend on location, work hours, and the most important, experience. With just 2 years of experience your salary could jump +$15/hour.
Working Conditions
Crash Test Engineers work outside/inside(Depends on where the crash zone is located) with an average of 150 acres of land to blow some cars up. One of these crash zones is actually located in Phoenix.
Major Responsibilities
Crash Test Engineers have some major responsibilities such as, making sure they have lots of sensors, crash dummies, a data line, etc. The reason for all of these things is to make sure that the vehicle is stable. If some of these things aren't handled correctly, then if there is a crash and something vital in the cabin happens (with not enough sensors) then it could happen in real life. Without the engineers knowing about it. Which could cause a death.
Demand For This Job In The Future
The demand for Crash Testing Engineers in the future is really not in high demand. Although testing the vehicles and giving results to the companies is important, the job is not as important as say a mechanical engineer.
Education Needed
Crash Test Engineers need a Bachelors of Science in Engineering degree (Computer Science, Electrical or Mechanical degree). Also, at least 1 year experience in Automotive Engineering. Must be a problem solver and have the know how on how to work the computers.
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