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Stress Rehab

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.

Jonas Lee

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Stress Rehab

Stress Less
Sleep More
Stress Less
Sleep Effects Obesity Upset
Stomach Memory
Loss Cancer Death Headache Muscle Exhaustion Depression Bones Diabetes Upset
GI Skin Lungs Acne Bad
Relationships Neuro
Problems Reproduction Bad Back Focus Getting
Sick Increased
of Pain Emotional Effects on Stress Low levels of self esteem = increased stress Teens are too immature to deal with their own issues, most of the time.

Incapable with holding long relationships They seek what they cannot achieve in themselves in others (negative effects) More Negative Affects From Divorce Low self esteem = emotional health anxious, lonely, depressed and even have dropped out of school or work. Abouserie (1994) study:
> students with high self-esteem are less stressed than those with low self-esteem How can parent/teen relationships
be repaired or strengthened? Stress worsens the symptoms of almost all emotional and physical weaknesses including self esteem issues. Parents can take part to help their teens
Its been proven that teens with a strong relationship with their parents are less depressed and stressed
They are also less likely to take part in substance abuse
less likely to take part in other behaviors that may cause harm to them. Overlapping Symptoms of Stress and Self Esteem Self Image women’s social & economic value is by their ability to fit the

cultural beauty idea of not meeting the demand of society portrayed in the media = viewing themselves as not as good enough. Poor Self Image Step 6 Step 4 Step 2 Step 1 This is an example how markets influence women's body images without even knowing it. This taps in the psychological aspect of young girls and they compare themselves to these unrealistic measurements.
Many girls will go to extremes to strive to achieve this look. This causes young girls to worry about their body image which causes unnecessary stress and even eating disorders. Family Issues & Stress What are the some examples of emotional changes of teenagers? A lack of motivation
social withdrawal; not caring for people or activities
change of grades weight or appearance
low self-esteem School failure and truancy:
Many struggling teens perform poorly in school. Some were strong students in grade school but became discouraged and alienated from academics in middle school or high school Isolation and withdrawal:

Many struggling teens have poor self -image and little confidence. They doubt that they can be competent and successful, and they become increasingly cut-off from school, family and friends. Defiance toward authority:
Many struggling teens refuse to obey rules laid down by parents, teachers, the police and other authority figures. What are the 5 ways to deal with anxiety ? 1. Become a relaxation expert 2.Get enough sleep , nourishment, and exercise. 3.Connect with others 4.Connect with nature 5. Think Positive Chilling out in front of the TV or computer Alcohol , drugs or tobacco Deep breathing Yoga For example , deep breathing helps to relax a major nerve that runs from the diaphragm to the brains, sending a message to the entire body to let go and loosen up. Get the right amount of sleep for your needs-not too much or too little. Eat well:choose fruit m vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains for long-term energy. Short bursts that come from too much sugar or caffeine Exercise to send oxygen to every cell in the body so your brain and body can operate at their best. Spend time with friends and family. Organized activities Hanging out with friends YOU ARE NOT ALONE Social withdrawal Anxiety & emotional turmoil Lack of social skills & self confidence Depression Eating disorders Less social conformity slenderness “The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Friendship
Connections Safety Confidence
Respect of oneself
Individuality Self
Esteem Morality
Inner potential
Acceptance Physiological Love & Belonging Self Actualization Air
Shelter Health
Stability Challenge and Change - FSE “In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.”

- Fred Rogers Heading out for a walk in the park
Hike in the woods can help anyone feel peaceful and grounded
Trail biking......etc
Invite a friend or two-or a family membrane-along and enjoy feeling connected to people as well. What Is Stress? - Pressure/Strain on an individual

- Caused by Stressor (trigger) factors Presentation Outline A look at the forum... A great way to keep our minds off the worry track Focus our thought on.... Good
positive Allow yourself to .... Dream


Imagine the best could happen Parents make time for their child and have regular conversations. preventing teens from having low self esteem Step 5 Regular chats like that can help you understand what your teen is really feeling and help her/his voice her/his emotions and concerns. Step 3 Ask the right questions to get more out of your regular conversations. Such as "how was your day?" Encourage your teen to participate in activities that let her express herself emotionally. Model emotional health for your teen. They can learn from the way you deal with your own emotions. Schedule an appointment with your with your family doctor if you feel your teen's emotional health is suffering. Sandwich Sleep Waking Up at Night How Tired are You? Mr. Milne Primary Causes of Sleep Deprivation
Sleep Environment Stress Must be Vented is the Solution Non Engaging
Laid Back
Positive Helps People Sleep Presentation Outline: 1. What is Stress?
- Definition of Stress
- Overview : Causes and Effects of Stress on Teens

2. Solution
- What is Stress Rehab?

3. Breakdown : Causes and Effects of Stress
- Stress broken into subtopics

4. Conclusion NO Blue light makes us alert Stress on Teens: Causes and Effects - Stress is created as a result of various factors

- In some cases, the effects of these factors are heightened by the effects of rising stress levels, which creates a "catch-22" situation. - - - Teens Biologically get tired at 11-12 at night Waking at 6:30 in the morning cuts sleep Later 1st period=More Sleep Teen ors F.lux Minimizes Eye Strain Relaxes the Eyes Electronics without disturbing sleep As Shown, there are many different stressors in a teen's life:

- Family -Peer/Social -Trauma
- School -Self Esteem -Psychiatric
- Medical -Substance Abuse -Grief/loss --- --- Effects of these Factors Here are some categories of effects relating to the stressors listed:
- Physical Effects
- Mental Effects
- Emotional Effects --- - Rising Blood Pressure
- Muscle Tension/Headaches
- Faster and Less Efficient Breathing
- Blood flow changes to skin Mental Effects of Stress --- - Jumbled/confused thoughts
- Negative thinking, focused on worrying
- Decisions/finding solutions becomes difficult Emotional Effects of Stress --- -Insecurity/Inadequacy/Self doubt
-Emotional withdrawl
-Fear/Anxiety Physical Effects of Stress A Solution! We can see that teens should be limiting stress. But how can we do this?

What product would work?

What IS our product? What is
? - our solution to stress for students
- Forum designed with the professional-looking MyBulletinBoard software
- Different sections for different purposes
- Tools designed to help combat stress
- Absolutely FREE to use for user + anonymous.

It's Risk Free!! --- --- 1. User creates an account - only requires email address
2. User can review guides on dealing with specific types of stress.
3. User can discuss stress-related stories/issues with other members in order to get help - Stress Rehab also provides various plugins (ex. calender) to help users manage stress-related issues.
- External Links are provided to guide those who need additional help (ex. professional counseling)
- Additional changes can be made easily to the forum (ex. tools added). The MyBulletinBoard software is very user friendly for the public, as well. --- Society Pressure from --- Causes of teen stress from society include: -Pressure from parents to succeed
-Our future
-School work and exams
-Social hierarchy The pressure to succeed in this technology-driven world makes teenagers have feelings of inadequacy, depression and have us second guessing every decision we make. - Site is maintained through advertisements on forum. Ads are placed in between posts and either on header/footer of home page
- If put into practice, these ads would generate income for the low-cost website.
- Additional ads could be created (ex. therapists advertising through the external links section after being approved), but for the most part we'd be using a program such as Google Adsense --- An Explanation: How Will We Market ? Modern society has an illusion that we all have to be popular and liked, but majority of the population is not like that.We as humans are always looking for acceptance and when we don't find that, we begin to stress out. Advertising also plays a major role in the stress we get from society because it tells us what latest trends to follow and products to buy. How to manage stress from society? -Eating right, getting enough sleep,
-have a hobby or interest
-have a good support system
-MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't sweat the small stuff --- - Purchasing fast hosting + a domain
- Social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc)
- Search Engine Optimization: Building backlinks to site, focusing on content/keywords (for meta tags)
- Helping to fill the website with quality content
- Linking to and from relevant-content websites
- Magazines, community centers, posters, etc.
- Giving away an eBook with our ad on it
+ More! How will this be effective? --- The premise of this product is that talking about any issue helps the issue. Stress is experienced by everyone. In collaboration, members could help each other succeed in their pursuit of their stress-free life. Stress-Related Issues --- - Specific issues related to stress will now be presented in detail.

- You will be informed as to the issues themselves, the effects these issues have on teens and their stress levels, as well as how these issues relate to

. Subtopics --- - Jonas and Mitchel will be talking about the cause and effect relationship between stress and sleep deprivation.

- Isabelle and Shantal will be talking about self esteem and it's impact on teens and their stress levels.

- Brittany and Emily will be talking about stress in regards to family issues and parental influences.

- Monica and Jessi will be talking about the societal pressures on teens today, and the resulting stress that occurs from this. Sleep Deprivation --- I will now pass on this presentation to:
Jonas and Mitchell Man should forget his anger
before he lies down to sleep

-Mahatma Gandhi We are not at our Peak mental level when we are tired More Sleep Happier Less Stress Smarter Healthier Isolation Bonding with parents is important
Find an activity that both of you like to do, or a place you both like to go or just have a certain day day set aside where you spend time together
When talking with parents, remember they are always looking out for you, especially when punishing you
The less arguing and yelling when talking, the better Divorce Statistics Children involved in divorce have lower grades
Their peers also rated them as being less pleasant How Does Divorce Affect Teens? A child of divorced parents can be stressed because they may think they are the cause of the divorce
It is also stressful to chose which parent to live with
this large change they are forced to deal with can produce large amounts of stress Teens in a home that has been touched by divorce are 3 times more likely to need psychological help
Children from divorced homes have more psychological problems than children in homes touched by death
Children of divorce are more at risk to things like asthma, headaches, speech defects and just health problems in general
Children with married parents are 20-35% healthier How Can Our Forum Help? Talking to other teens who have been through the same thing can help quite a bit
Teens can bounce ideas off each other about how to cope with what they're going through
Being anonymous can make teens feel more comfortable talking about their problems
Sometimes all someone needs is someone else to talk to
With fighting parents, talking your problems through with someone can make all the difference Half of the children that see their parents divorce will see their parents' second marriage end as well
One in every 10 children with divorced parents will experience 3 or more parental divorces
Half of children born this year to parents that are married will experience a parental divorce by age 18 Students who come from divorced/separated families often struggle more
They are proven to be:
more aggressive
more anxious
have higher high school drop out rates and poor attendance
sexually active at a younger age
have a higher rate of delinquency and addiction and alcoholism What Can Help? Parents can work to improve their relationship with their kids by being a positive role model
Teens can work to improve their relationship with their parents by telling them everything that's going on in their lives The bottom line is that keeping open communication helps.
Stress Rehab Helps. Which of these aspects are today's youth feeling most pressured by? Unemployment
Teenagers are constantly feeling pressured to get a job but there are hardly any places to get one without any work experience
The media creates images of what the "norm" for teenagers is supposed to be
Self Image
Along with the media, self image comes into play with a set idea of how everyone should look and/or act Lack of Personal Interactions Teenagers are pressured by the need to fit in and be accepted by their peers and everyone in society. If they fail to meet the criteria of an acceptable citizen, they may become depressed or turn to drugs and alcohol for a kind of release. How To Solve/Prevent the Problem Stress relief forum
There are many people going through the same problems and feelings you are
You will always have someone to talk to
Support Statistics On average, the five stressors causing the most problems were:
School Work (78%)
Parents (68%)
Romantic Relationships (64%)
Friends' Problems (64%)
Younger Siblings (64%) On Average How Girls Handle
Stress 19% avoided or refused to deal with their stress
14% tried to distract themselves
22% sought support
45% actively tried to remove it The Solution On Average How Males Handle Stress 25% avoided or refused deal with their stress
23% tried to distract themselves
17% sought support
35% actively tried to remove it embarrassment= isolation= worsening the problem
the anonymous feature= confidence
discussing = Conclusion --- is the Solution #1 --- #2 --- #3 --- With many stressors plaguing teens these days, it's important for them to have a place to go to relieve their stress and discuss their problems. Wherever your stress derives from, Stress Rehab has you covered. The anonymity, stress-relief guides, plug-ins, and friendly user environment make this an all-in one solution for teens (or anyone) suffering from stress. ... and We're Done! --- The implementation of Google Adsense and the potential revenue it can generate is just the icing on this stress-relieving cake we've been baking for the past two months.
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