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Mr Sixsmith

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Tourism

Butler Model
Domestic Tourism and Abroad
Almost all tourism used to be domestic. (Within the country). Only the very wealthy and privileged were able to go abroad.
External Factors Affecting Tourism
The growth of international tourism
The importance of tourism
The effects of tourism
Tourism creates many jobs. In rich countries tourism is an important part of the economy but it poorer parts of the world it sometimes be the only industry.
Numbers have increased dramatically.
People are wealthier and have more of a disposable income. (money to spend after buying their essentials.)
People have fewer children so it is less expensive for a family to go away.
People have more leisure time as holiday time from work has increased.
Life expectancy has increased so there are lots of people who are retired, they have good pensions so can afford to take holidays.
Planes have improved and are now faster and can cover greater distances, there are also more airports. Flying has become much cheaper than it was so is affordable for many people.
There is now a much wider choice of holiday destinations.
People are employed to work with the tourists in jobs like waiters, maids. There are also jobs created indirectly, this includes jobs in construction.
The money that tourists spend is added to the local economy. Part of this is tax which is used to provide and improve services in the area
Domestic tourism grew quickly in the 1950s and 60s as the UK economy was growing and providing higher wages and more time off work.
Seaside holidays in the UK peaked in 1970s with 40 million visitors each year. Numbers then started to decline as people went abroad.
Following this domestic tourism declined as the popularity of package holidays abroad increased.
Exchange Rates
Banking Crisis
Special Events
Events like the Olympics, a royal wedding or festivals attract huge numbers of tourists.
Things like the 7/7 bombings in London put people off visiting.
The banking crisis or credit crunch meant that lots of people have less money to spend so they can't go on holiday.
The value of the pound against Euros or Dollars has a massive impact on how much money people could spend on holiday and how much their money is worth.
National Parks
The aims of National Parks are;
To preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area.
To allow people to access and enjoy these areas.
The Lake District
Your ecotourism case study is Ecuador
Mass Tourism
Extreme Tourism
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