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Slam Poetry

No description

Lisa Caruso

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry
How to get students to drop a mouse in their writing and watch him probe his way out.

Effects on students
Students transform into more eager and confident writers. They don't see writing as an assignment - they see it as an opportunity to share their voice with the world.
Swept away with brainstorming ideas & narrowing them down
What is Slam Poetry?
Slam Philosophies
Connection to CCPS Curriculum
With the slam method, students know they hold power to command their audience's attention. They become more motivated to make their words and execution count.
Through consistent rehearsal comes a natural eagerness to revise, revise, revise. By giving them the power to choose their words, they become driven to choose them wisely.
Practice really does make perfect. Techniques like Slam Battles help students to see the importance of making their written words mean just as much when spoken. (Not to mention, it helps with their oral presentation skills regarding familiarity with their presentation and presence.)
The Traits and Poetic Terms Teach Themselves
Eager to not just find, but establish their Voice
Motivated to organize their thoughts for maximum effect
Wanting their Voice to be unique, heard, and memorable
My Contact
Lisa Caruso
Robious Middle School
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