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The Whithered Arm

No description

yovana sandoval

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of The Whithered Arm

The Whithered Arm
By Thomas Hardy
Internal conflict
External conflict
Rhoda Brook
When Rhoda sees Mr.Lodge new wife she got jealous because Mrs.Lodge was a nice lady and she dressed nice. While Rhoda works hard for her and her kid. Mrs.Lodge doesn’t know Rhoda and Mr.lodge have a kid together. Mrs.lodge talks to the kid when she found him in town and offers to buy him some shoes. She then goes visit Rhoda at her house to talk with her and Rhoda realizes she is not a bad person and they became friends. Later on Rhoda has a vision “the young wife, in the pale silk dress and white bonnet, but with features shockingly distorted, and wrinkled as by age, was sitting upon her chest as she lay.” this shows when Rhoda has a vision and then turns out it’s real.
Is when Rhoda goes with Gertrude to the conjuror trendle but only Gertrude goes inside to talk to the man and after she came out she was all weird so Rhoda was worried because Gertrude didn't wanted to talk as much like before. The man told Gertrude "Medicine can't cure it, he said promptly. This is the work of an enemy." this shows why Gertrude change her mood also when Rhoda notices it's different "But Rhoda perceived that her companion had quite change" Rhoda is scared because she doesn't know what the man told Gertrude and she is scared she might know what's going on
The solution is when Rhoda sees her vision come true. For Gertrude to get cured from her hand she needed to touch someones neck and she would pray to God that if there could be a dead person, and when that finally happened she went as fast as she could. When she got there she didn't realized it was Gertrude son "suggest to her that the dead man was Rhoda's son" this shows when they found out. Rhoda realized she had lost her son and a good friend "this is the meaning of what Satan showed me in the vision! You are like her at last!' And clutching the bare arm of the younger woman, she pulled her unresistingly back against the wall".
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