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Copy of Hera collaborative platform

No description

Isaac Durá

on 27 December 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Hera collaborative platform

The park in which I was playing as a child...

We all have similar stories and places we loved & that may have disappeared.

doesn´t exists anymore....
Our nature
The same happened with some natural spots around us, close to our cities and communities,

and with the quality
of the air we breath.
Figures shows thatwith global warming nature is being destroyed, for example the CO2 emissions of China are huge and increasing rapidly.
China pollution
Hera collaborative platform
Hi all, my name is Isaac.
I am from Spain and I come
from Germany for the hackathon.

I am here to present my project;

When instead we should cherish
these stories and protect this places,
for our enjoyment and wellbeing.

We are working together on protecting
the nature. We do this by bringing
together collective intelligence…..
Welcome to my project Hera!!

An open collaborative network that leverages the power of the blockchain, to empower civil societies to tackle local environmental challenges.

It is here where environmental challenges related to transport and renewal energy
are discussed and a solution is found
together, by creating collective intelligence
and awareness between people and
experts from all over the world.
Hera wants to become your green
door to contribute your bit for a
better planet, and a more intelligent
& clean progress.
So join us, to ride your green energy
horse and make a difference ! :)
Here is where renewal energy
projects make a big difference,
creating clean and sustainable

What if we see a small example in the
real life?

A small european country is struggling for
generate the energy it needs. I explain you
the story... with an example of how an
association which is not happy with the
situation, launches a social debate about it.
Actor 1 :
Green Energy & transparent communication
Hello citizens! We from the association of clean energy would like to expose the next situation. Since 15 years we are suffering from lack of affordable electricity in here, and our administration already spent millions of euros in the creation of a new power plant. I want to show you the status of the power plant at the beginning.

Actor 2
Message from the community
We can see that nuclear power plant, is nearly empty, please describe more about the problem that we could understand it better.
Actor 1
Lack of tracking
We as a country in referendum choosed a
renewal energy system.
As we didnt use a track system as a collaborative platform, at the end we got cheated...
Actor 2
Disastrous consequences
of not tracking the development
Omg we can see…nearly anything is done, and of course there is not producing any energy for the society… exactly using a voting system for approve the different stages of the project..this never would have happened...
Expected results
In fact we are now very far from the expected results ad so on...
How the System Works

The system would run on Java service on IBM Bluemix and interacts with Twilio service
(also available on Bluemix) to make the actual phone call. The call-based voting system works on 3 simple steps:

1) The staff initiate the voting process on the list of voters

2)The system make a call to the voters, asking them to press the candidate number they like to vote for.

3)The system telly the result and display it back to the staff in real-time

4)And here's how it internally works in step-by-step;

Now we have together a
collaborative platform, which
serves as a extremely effective voting system for tackle environmental issues using our core :
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