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Boston Beer Company

Samuel Adams

Danny Lund

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Boston Beer Company

1800's Louis Koch Lager
Best beer in America - won 4 times
Samuel Adams has won more awards in international beer tasting than any other brewery
4 vessel brewing process
Jim personally tastes every batch of beer
Largest craft beer - but still less than 1% of total US beer market
20% of Domestic Beer Market Some Facts Presentation By:
Caleb Gilmour
Aaron Borg
Danny Lund Boston Beer Company Organizational Design Spared over 20,000 lbs of hops, to over 100 different microbreweries in 2008 Performance The brewing industry [NAICS 312120] is a recession-proof industry
Recession-proof = stable environment
Growth of Industry in 2011
13% by volume
15% by dollars
Estimated 103,585 jobs in the US
Craft brewing sales $8.7 billion
1,940 craft breweries operate in the industry Environment 1984 2010 1990's April 1985 Jim Koch brewed first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen - 1800 recipe Samuel Adams made it's debut in Boston on Patriot's Day Timeline Road Map
Jim Koch
Some Facts
Goals and Strategies
Organizational Design
Questions Overview June 1985 Selected as the "Best Beer in America" by a consumer preference poll at the Great American Beer Festival Continue Quality and Taste
Leader in the Craft Brewery Industry
Highly Trained Sales Force
Brand Differentiation
Brand Loyalty
Resulting in=Differentiation Competitive Strategy Goals and Strategies Mechanistic Organizational Design
Vertical Structure
Hybrid Matrix Structure: which is focus on each product groupings
Innovative Culture What do we do now? Offers Micro-loans to Disadvantaged small Companies in need Were not just doing well... But how well? Hold 20% of the U.S. Domestic Beer Market In a 2009 Study, Sam Adams carried 2 of the 5 top rated Craft beers in the U.S. Boston Beer has no short or long term debt, and they finance all their own expenditures Initial public offering at $20 p/s, currently steady around $100 p/s Consistantly improving revenue growth % (Samuel Adams) The Industry is Increasingly Competitive Low Barriers to entry Low Switching Cost Innovation! Cognac Port Wine "Each of our specialty beers was an experiment in how to take a flavor profile and go past normal expectations. That endless curiosity drove us to create beers like Samuel Adams® Imperial Pilsner with 75 times the hops of a normal beer. For each of these beers the flavor experience is not only new and different but tastes great too." Conclusion Questions? Overall beer sales were down 1.3% by volume in 2011.
Craft brewing accounts for about 5.7% of total beer sales in the US.
So overall beer sales are down, but craft brew's sales are up. Compared to Beer Industry Jim Koch
Co-founder/Chairman of Boston Beer Company
Focus on Innovation/Quality Meet Jim Niche Market
Highly Trained Sales Force
Brand Differentiation
#1 Craft brewer in the US
Award winning brews=quality
Industry moving to craft brews instead of traditional beer Strengths "One of the best things in the world that you can do, is something that your parents think is completely stupid and asinine. Then be really successful at it and have them be proud of you." 1988 Pioneered consumer readable freshness dating - buy back beer after peak freshness date Weaknesses & Threats Weaknesses
3 Breweries
Lehigh, PA
Cincinnati, OH
Boston, MA Threats
A lot of existing competition
Threat of New entry Pioneered extreme brewing movement Purchased Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewery in hometown Cincinnati, OH Currently have 20% market share
Increase market share
Additional breweries
Increase distribution channels
Global Expansion Opportunities Went public, selling shares of class A common stock - hundreds of small breweries emerge 1995 Major renovation & expansion of brewery in Cincinnati Jan 2005 Won More competitions than all other craft beers June 2008 Purchased world class brewery in Lehigh Valley Penn. - 200 employees Infinium - 2 year collaboration between S.A. and Germany's Weihenstephan Largest domestic brewery
3rd largest in the "Better Beer" category
2009 - 4 of top 8 craft beers
3 tier distribution system
Twisted Tea
31 uniques beers
Hardcore Cider
700 employees Caleb Danny Aaron
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