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Career Shadowing PSC

No description

emily burdick

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing PSC

Polk State College The Purpose of PSC: Where Will PSC be in 15 Years? In 15 years PSC will be the second largest state college in Florida. The purpose of PCS is to offer an
affordable chance for education,
baccalaureate degrees, career certificates,
and workforce development programs.
Employability Skills Needed: ~Be Prepared
~Appropriate Dress
~Be On Time
~Show Respect Technolagy Used: ~Video Lessons
~Computers Average Salary: 65,000 Per Year Would you pursue a job with this company? Probobly not. Because im more likely going to do something with animals rather than people. What did you like best? What i liked best was that
we got to move around
campus and not just stay
in one class thw whole day. What did you dislike? I didnt like how fast the day went
by. The classes felt long but they
really werent.
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