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Blow Molding (Manufacturing Process)

This Project gives the backround info on blowmolding. Answering the basic Questions Who, What, When, Were, Why, How.

Rowan Rebryna

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Blow Molding (Manufacturing Process)

By Rowan Rebryna
Blow Molding
What Is it?
Thank You for Watching.
It is a process in which air pressure is used to inflate soft plastic into a mold cavity.
Manufacturing Process

An extruder uses a rotating screw to force the molten plastic through a die head that forms the parison around a blow pin. The parison is extruded vertically between the two open mold halves, so they can close on the parison and blow pin. Pressurized air flows through the blow pin to inflate the parison. This is the most common type of blow molding and is used to manufacture large quantities of relatively simple parts.
Who uses Blow Molding?
Manufacturing Materials
Most of these items are used for consumer beverages for mass markets.
Production is typically organized for very high quantities
Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET)
Polypropylene (PP)
The molten plastic is injection molded around a core inside a parison mold to form the hollow parison. When the parison mold opens, both the parison and core are transferred to the blow mold and securely clamped. The core then opens and allows pressurized air to inflate the parison. This is the least commonly used method because of the lower production rate, but is capable of forming more complicated parts with higher accuracy. Injection blow molding is often preferred for small, complex bottles, such as those in medical applications.
Once transferred to the blow mold, the plastic is heated and stretched downward by the core before being inflated. Provides greater strength to the plastic. Stretch blow molding is typically used to create parts that must withstand some internal pressure or be very durable, such as soda bottles.
Heated plastic is poured into a mold. However this can be done three different ways.
Injection Molding
Stretch Molding
*Extrusion Molding
Companies either have there own custom molds or use another company to manufacture them, but who are they?
Action figurines
Plastic Cutlery
Old Seat-belt Clips Clips
Watering Cans
Car Chairs
Hand Bags
Apex Plastics
From large diameter to small diameter and in a wide variety of configurations,.
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A Registered plastics blow molding manufacturer, They specialize in custom and proprietary blow-molded bottles, containers and shapes.
Apex Plastics, creates world class quality products.
IBC Blow molding Inc.
They are one of Canada's leading blow molding branches and have the desire to eco friendly.
IBC productions have a multiple focuses.
The make from water bottle to medical equipment. They also have custom orders.
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Blow Molding Example
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