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No description

nahla salous

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of SMART HOSPITAL

What do we mean by smart hospital?


Supervisor: Dr.Ahmed Masri
Dr.Yousef Dama

Prepared by: Hanan Sadaqa
Nahla Salous
- Concept of smart hospital
- Motivation, Aims and Objectives
- Our solution.
- Programs and software
- Flowcharts
Project Implementation

Health care environments have major problems that are related to the information flow and storage of the patient’s data
Problem 1
Problem 2
There is a need to synchronize and organize the information flow among the hospital members so that information can be accessed at any time and any place.

Problem 3
No common format for the data used then it is hard to hold data in a common way.

Information gap between the medical professionals,
and various data source.

Reduce the possibility of errors by deploying wireless tools that enable doctors and nurses to input critical data on the spot and offer immediate and reliable access to patient information and records .

Remote healthcare solutions for Rural areas through Wireless links.

Aims and Objectives
Using Wireless technologies to remote access to critical patient data by doctors, nurses and clinicians within a hospital environment.
Our Solution
Robust & reliable hospitals information management system (HIMS) to provide good services through the cooperation among hospital departments , mobile and wireless computing new technologies .

WAMP sever
programs and software were
used to design the applications

Android operating system
Design three applications to be used in hospital environment to fulfill our solution of having HIMS
Project Implementation
Hospital reception department:
Patient's room
Medical stuff
Nurse Workbench
Doctor workbench
Smart hospital
Decrease probability of error
Decrease the use of paper
Possibility of providing medical history for any emerging situation about any patient.
Shrink the information gap
between the medical stuff
Increase quality of serves
Future Work
Develop our application further more
to be more integrated .

Thanks for your attention
In graduation project part one we designed the application . Additions and modifications to complete our professional hospital information management system can be viewed as:

Transfer basic information such as the patient's name and Medical Registration Number( MRN) on the bracelet of patient to be read using bar code , for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to patients.
Develop the three applications of HIMS further, to make the system more integrated and easy to use with good reliability and high accuracy
We build smart hospital system of three applications and
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