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yareli nieto

on 4 February 2010

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Transcript of Revolutions

You Say you want a Revolution!
Mexican Revolution Causes major disagreement among the Mexican people and the way their country was being run.
Citizens were angry that Diaz was selling their land to foreign countries. After Math
No one got back their stolen land
New Mexican Constitution was made
The constitution limited the Presidents term Conclusion
I think this Revolution was worth it because if people hadn't revolted then
the government might of still been ran by one person today, and many of their land might of still belong to sevral different countries. I think that America should Revolt to Change their government but i don't think it should follow the way things happened in the Mexican Revolution.
French Revolution Causes & Aftermath
•Louis IV left France chaotic
•Napoleon arrived and soon changed it all
•Napoleon was a dictator
•Napoleon and his better judgement ended the French Revolution
•French revolution was fought for change

The way I look at things the French Revolution was a success. Change took time but in the end everything fell into place and the people were happy. France wasn’t left so chaotic and out of control after the Revolution. I think there is a point to revolutions and they can be appropriate. If a government isn’t making the people of their country happy, and the people aren’t satisfied and have tried to have their voice heard then I feel a revolution is the only thing that could possible overthrow the government and ask for change. American Revolution Causes
•The Britain attempt to extract revenue from the colonies with taxes, and the colonist were rightly upset.
•The british king action broke a fundamental rule of the British constitution fundamental rule was that elected by the colonies themselves had the right to decide how many money should be raised by taxation and what it is spent on.
•The British tried to extract money from the Americans for the greedy needs for the Britain.

•The treaty of Paris formally recognized the new nation in 1783, although many questions were left unsettled.
•George Washington and several other founding fathers later went on to become presidents of the United States.
•The leaders in the new country were those prominent either in the council halls or on the fields of the Revolution, and the first three Presidents after the Constitution of the United States was adopted were Washington, Adams, and Jefferson.
•The American Revolution had a great influence on liberal thought throughout Europe.
•The struggles and successes of the youthful democracy were much in the minds of those who brought about the French Revolution, and most assuredly later helped to inspire revolutionists in spain’s American colonies.
I believe that they should have a revolution, because the causes that the british have done, is full of BS. I would felt the same way as they do back then, being taxed, and I still do today, due to the crappy government. The king broke a fundamental rule, and breaking the rule, to do against the colonies is what I think is wrong. The aftermath, the reward for winning the revolution was great. wining the revolution has changed America. British/Bloodless War Causes & Aftermath
•Bloodless war
•King James II son-in-law kicked King James II out of office
•King James declared Catholicism as the official religion
•Acted as though parliament was nothing
•Whigs and Tories both were united against James II
•James II closest friends were his only support and then they betrayed him
Group Conclusion
We that America should revolt to have their government change
and we think that they should follow the way the old American Revolution happened because they changed their government back then for the better and they can do it again. Conclusion:
I think that this war was a waste of timebecause there was really noreason for there to be a war if nobody died. Having a war over the king making one religion the official religion is really dumb and especially if everybody was goingto the other side anyways after a while.
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