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Our Second Life!(:

No description

Savannah Caylen

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Our Second Life!(:

Our Second Life
Ricky Dillon
Connor Franta
Jc Caylen
Trevor Moran
Kian Lawley
Sam Pottorff
Ricky Dillon
April 4th, 1992
North Carolina
Loves Pokemon
Played the trumpet
Connor Franta
Born in Wisconsin
Moved to Minnesota
Went to college in Queens, NY
Birthday: September 12, 1992
Jc Caylen
Born on September 11th, 1992
From Texas
Justin Caylen Castillo
Trevor Moran
September 30th, 1998
Auditioned on X-Factor
Apple Store Dance
kian lawley
September 2nd, 1995
Andrea Russett
Born in Iowa
Sam and Kian
Sam Pottorff
Born in Laguna Beach, California
October 19th, 1996
Loves Justin Bieber
Jc helping the homeless!
(0:37- 2:37)
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