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CrossFit Consumer Segmentation Study

No description

Katie Fischer

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of CrossFit Consumer Segmentation Study

CrossFit Consumer Segmentation Study

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is an exercise program that focuses on strength and conditioning, and targets all levels of fitness. It teaches optimized fitness through constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.
Consumer Motivation
Elites, Socialites, and Casual Users are motivated by different values and attributes
Lifestyle & Self Concept
CrossFit reflects members self image and lifestyle in various ways
Group Influence
The CrossFit community significantly influences each of its members and is influenced by other social factors as well.
Segmentation of CrossFit Market
CrossFit is segmented into three different user types. These different segments vary in their motivations, usage, and goals while belonging to a CrossFit program.
Consumer Information Research Process
CrossFit consumers must search for information about CrossFit, and where they can participate in the sport. They must research the basic facts of how to become involved in Crossfit and they must learn how to participate in its subculture once they have been exposed.
Consumer decision and involvement
Each of the CrossFit segments uses various methods to make their decision to purchase and become involved with CrossFit
Implications and Recommendations
Recommendations for CrossFit businesses and partners
Current Market
Fitness minded individuals

All ages, genders, body types and fitness levels

Over 3400 CrossFit gyms worldwide

Why is CrossFit important to study?
“CrossFit has taken the fitness world by storm — not only by becoming popular (jogging was popular, step aerobics was popular) — but also by clearly defining what “fitness” means. With its solid, functional movements, clear results and growing popularity, CrossFit looks like it will remain fitness champion for years.”
Patrick Sternkopf author The Box Mag
Traditional Gyms

Fitness without belonging to any gym

Non Fitness

Committed to sport religiously
Consume CrossFit media constantly
Identify with CrossFit as their primary sport
Deep affinity and affiliation
Participate in events, competitions, seminars
Purchase CrossFit apparel and goods
Adopt complete CrossFit lifestyle
Likely to become coach or owner of a box
Highly influenced by CrossFit trends
Follow significant amount of CrossFit social media
Less affiliation with CrossFit as primary sport
CrossFit means community and companionship
Prefer personal/local box > CrossFit as a whole
Fitness goals may be slightly lower than Elite
Less likely to partake in as many activities/events
Consume CrossFit media semi-regularly
Adopt certain aspects of CrossFit lifestyle

Casual User
Least amount of allegiance to CrossFit
Least amount of participation with the sport
Likely to follow minimal CrossFit social media
Few CrossFit apparel and equipment purchases
CrossFit is not a lifestyle but a hobby or casual habit
May use CrossFit only as a supplement to other fitness

Social Media
Facebook promotes CrossFit through user posts that inspire their followers

People may be interested becasue of their friends' success with CrossFit

Personal testimonials are effective

Links to Box's website

Videos and photos are attention grabbing
Box Websites
Often tell the 'story' of CrossFit

Explain benefits and outcomes

Outline packages and pricing

Offer user testimonials

Community is an important CrossFit value

First hand observation of CrossFit user's success

CrossFit user's (especially Elite's) are extremely likely to encourage CrossFit participation through word of mouth
Self Fulfillment
Devote most of their time to CrossFit
Strength, agility, speed, overall fitness
Strong desire to achieve goals
Stress personal development
Power, accomplishment, esteem
Promotion focused

Belongingness, love, community
Group affiliation
Connection with others/ local community
Being a part of something
Highly influenced by others
Relationships are crucial
CrossFit provides a niche group of affiliation
Derive value from relationships with others
Self worth is maintained within community
Extrinsically motivated about healthy eating
Peers affect lifestyle choices about brands and other products
Casual User
Likely to have many various hobbies
Fitness is scattered between activities
Self image is not derived from CrossFit
Independent of CrossFit
Healthy eating is part of their lifestyle
More independent of Peer influence

Outside Influence
Social Class
Geographical Location
Family dynamic
Benefits sought

CrossFit Community
Brand community
Peer influence
Personal Records

Decision factors
Availability/ type of classes

Elite: High

Socialite: Moderate

Casual User: Low
Partner with other fitness programs/ businesses
Involve other fitness methods, encouraging cross training to target the casual user

Embodies CrossFit's diverse mission

Opens new outreach to potential members

Creates business partnerships

Build bigger community

Maintain/ Impress current clientele
Offer encompassing package so casual users don't need other fitness

Childcare, nutrition, sport, aerobic (while maintaing true to CrossFit)

Enhance community events to target socialites

Activate and encourage more social media
Social media already provides great exposure for CrossFit

Create rewards to motivate people to share social media efforts

Placement to reach casual users

Allow socialites to fulfill their social needs from social media
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Casual User
Supplemental health with other programs
Health > social life

Self definition includes CrossFit
Promote avidly to others
Boast avidly about their CrossFit practice
Workouts become primary goal
Push and charge themselves in many aspects of life
Highly motivated in fitness, diet and well-being

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