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jukii saito

on 2 January 2013

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SYSTEM CAPABILITIES 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c QUESTIONS :) Your Total Solutions Provider INFORMATION MANAGERS INC. over 80 employees 22 years
in IT business IT Solutions Provider 200 customers
NATIONWIDE > Banking and Micro finance
> Local Government
> Non-life Insurance
> Accounting Systems
> School Systems
> Production and Manufacturing (ERP)
> Cooperatives and Savings & Loans Associations A full-featured online branch banking system consisting of integrated Deposit Management and General Ledger modules with a low cost of ownership. A powerful microfinance application that has been specifically designed according to the requirements of microfinance Institutions to automate workflow including partner/member management, daily collections and disbursement of loan OUR SOLUTIONS A comprehensive software package that caters to the transaction processing and information needs of savings & loan associations, cooperatives and microfinance institutions. SLM strengthens member services, loan portfolio, financial control and operational efficiency of the organization. Comprehensive software solution handling Real Property Tax Assessment & Collection, and provides revenue-generating information, financial management, governance, and administration system for local governments units. Integrated web-based system specifically designed for school processes automation which include enrollment, Class Scheduling, produce Transcript of Records and Diplomas, and much more. An integrated software application package for Philippine non-life insurance firms. It provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from policy issuance to accounting. It complies with the mandatory requirements of the Insurance Commission (IC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Authorized distributor in
the Philippines
of all Progress
products and services. FOREIGN
SOLUTIONS Best-of-breed supply chain-enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from QAD. It includes manufacturing, sales and distribution, and financials within an open systems environment. Flexible, easy-to-implement accounting system consisting of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules. It can be implemented standalone or integrated with customized modules for inventory, warehousing, sales orders and purchasing. Progress Software Corporation Overview

Progress Software is founded in 1981.

Its headquarter is located in Bedford Massachusetts. They have 90 offices worldwide and more than 1,800 employees.

Progress is also listed in NASDAQ stock market which means the company is open for public trade. Progress Software Corporation
Overview …including over 70%

of the Fortune 100 Companies! …in more than 180 countries …nearly 140,000 organizations Progress products and technology are used by… Progress Software Growing Market Research. Progress supplies open application infrastructure software to simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, integration, and management of business applications. Platforms & Tools
Progress OpenEdge®
Replication Headquarters: Bedford, MA
Offices : 90 Worldwide
Employees : 1,800+
Founded : 1981 About Progress Software? Services Infrastructure Data Infrastructure Application Platforms Market leading object database Object Data Management ObjectStore First and leading natural language query Natural Language Search and Query EasyAsk First model-driven semantic data integration Data Integration DataXtend Market leader in data connectivity Data Connectivity DataDirect Superior Products Across All Product Lines Progress Software First unified mainframe integration platform Mainframe Integration Shadow Leading enterprise-class SOA management SOA & Web Services Management Actional Market leading ESB Enterprise Service Bus Sonic Market leading event processing platform Event Processing Apama Integrated platform optimized for business Business Application Platform 14 Loay Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative Pioneer Asia Insurance Corporation Manufacturing St. Martin of Tours
Credit Cooperative GM Bank Progress Software Users Customer in Philippines Progress Software Superior products across all Product lines OVERVIEW:
The School Logistic and Academic Resource Scheduling is an information system designed by INFOMAN to cater to the transaction processing and management information needs of an educational institution. student service delivery Financial Management administrative capabilities Payment
Banks Payroll
System Pre-
Management Accounting
Implement requirements by individual
campus, college/school or
across the university ..key features CALENDERIZED CONTROL
Electronically define and store schedules, holidays, cut-off dates & events by school year, semester, grading periods– use these to track & control business operation ..key features TRANSACTION DRIVEN
Business transactions are assigned codes – use the codes to segregate & track transactions, and as a likely interface medium to accounting/bookkeeping, payroll systems ..key features Status monitoring

Tasks are assigned status codes – use the status codes to monitor tasks as they move thru predefined workflow, enabling you to track critical business operations & activities.

Curriculum Planning

Provides an electronic platform in the development, maintenance and validation/approval of curriculum

Academic Planning

Provides an electronic platform for planning and preparing class schedules, room assignment, faculty teaching loads. ..key features
WINDOW-BASED and WEB-BASED Enrollment System

READY-TO-USE CORE MODULES provide a solid foundation for customization

Fast ONLINE QUERIES allow quick and accurate search for information

Comprehensive and flexible REPORTING needs

Configurable SECURITY with tight control on system access and audit trail

RUNS ON ROBUST, highly scalable and reliable multi-platform OpenEdge RDBMS

RUNS ON LINUX/UNIX/WINDOWS servers and can be integrated with open-source software

LOW ADMINISTRATION COST and scalable to meet the future growth

Provisions for DISASTER RECOVERY for full protection against contingencies OTHER KEY FEATURES The USER will type the username and password provided by the system administrator Password is encrypted for security purposes Password recovery can be done in case user forgot his/her password LOGIN PAGE SCHOLARS’ login page with announcements posted for faster dissemination of information Design and layout is easy to navigate and consists of tabs for specific purposes The homepage view after a successful login. MODULES PRE-ENROLLMENT
MODULE Shifting and transferring requests are generated online for hassle-free transactions

Inquiries like student class schedules, student grades, student ledgers, etc. are automatically given by the system. Systematized dissemination of information such as holidays, cut-off dates and events, periodic examinations, grade submissions, etc.

Manage (plan, develop & implement) curricula

Automated class schedules

Assessments are downloadable for quick access SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION MODULE > Manage school facilities

> Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access

> Eliminates classroom over-population

> Maximize utilization

> Information dissemination via SMS

> Manage applicant admission

> Manage grades

> Automated downloading of forms needed Manage faculty (Teaching loads thru predefined criteria day & time schedules, work hours & break time schedules, attendance records, performance rating)

Manage financials (Student payment ledger records, refund records, interface to accounting system, interface to payroll system) ENROLLMENT
MODULE Security is guaranteed; personal information are held strictly confidential

Online enrollment system

Increased administration capabilities

Adherence to retention policy

Scholarship to avail

Financial Transactions

Profile/demographics POST
MODULE >Reporting capability

+ Consolidated at the
university level

+ By College/School

+ By Course

+ By Section

+ By Subject

+ By Student > Grade manipulation

> Uploading and downloading of grades

> Automated generation of graduating students list

> Student evaluation process UNIVERSITY ONLINE CALENDAR Online calendar of events to keep students and employees up to date of the upcoming celebration/
holidays. STUDENT ONLINE ENROLLMENT FORM TRANSFEREE MASTER FILE FORM KEY BENEFITS Manage (plan, develop & implement) curricula

Manage (plan, develop, implement) School Fees (Tuition/Misc.)

Manage Faculty
Teaching loads through predefined criteria (educational attainment, tenure, field of specialization, performance rating)
Day & time schedules
Work hours and break time schedules
Attendance records
Performance rating Manage School Facilities

Define classroom types (laboratory, lecture, etc.)
Create/Assign classroom schedules
Eliminate classroom overpopulation
Maximize utilization

Manage Applicant Admission

Test Schedules and Results
Monitor and control submitted mandatory school documents
On enrolment: Applicant record interface to student record Manage Student
Periodic attendance
Periodic grades
Academic performance and records
Adherence to retention policy
Scholarship ailment
Financial Transactions
Profile/ demographics
Manage Financials
Student payment ledger records
Refund records
Interface to accounting system
Interface to payroll system Manage Alumni

Career Advancement
Professional & Personal Demographics

Information disseminating via SMS

School cut-off/deadline dates
School holidays & special events
Announcement & Reminders
Student Academic Performance Rating

Reporting Capability

Consolidated at the university level
(NB: Compliance to report formats of government regulatory bodies like CHEd, DepEd) DEPLOYMENT CONFIGURATION ARCHITECTURE Application User Interface Application System Infrastructure Database Operating System Platform For more details you can visit our websites:

Hanna Carlos
Account Manager
Contact: 09067269691
2/F Skyland Plaza Bldg., 2303 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.,
Makati City, Metro Manila, 1200 Philippines
Tel: +63 2 843-2191
Fax: +63 2 843-2755
Email us at sales@infomaninc.com thank you :)
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