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Denotation and Connotation

No description

Jill Weiler

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Denotation and Connotation

Connotation Definitions Examples Denotation or Connotation?
(Your turn) FATHER CONNOTATION: The indirect, implicit or suggested meaning of a word or text, the feelings or associations you have or get from the word 1. Stepmother = wicked, distant, mean
Denotation or connotation?

2. Mosquito = pesky, annoying
Denotation or connotation?

3. fire = a state of combustion
Denotation or connotation? DENOTATION: The direct or explicit meaning of a word or text, the definition that would appear in the dictionary if you looked up the word, the literal meaning THINK ABOUT IT: Every word has at least two meanings: one you find in the dictionary, and one you know in your heart. How would the dictionary define father? What associations do you have with the word?
a. A loving friend
b. A mentor or guide
c. An authority figure
d. An absent figure
e. ??? 1. Rose
Denotation: a type of flower
Connotation: love, romance

2. BMW
Denotation: a German sports car
Connotation: rich, elite, prestigious

3. Grandmother
Denotation: the mother of one's mother or father
Connotation: caretaker, supporter How can I remember which is which? Denotation starts with a "D" as does DICTIONARY. It is the DEFINITION you would find in the DICTIONARY. Connotation starts with a "C" as does CARE. Think about how you CARE about different words or the feelings you get from words. Both words contain the root "note." To note something is similar to defining something. Just to be sure you've got it... What is the connotation for the same words? What is the denotation of that photo?

What is the connotation of the same photo? ANY QUESTIONS? Works Cited www. dictionary.reference.com


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