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Light Painting

No description

Raveena Singh

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of Light Painting

Light Painting Conclusion Step 1 Attatch camera to tripod Step 2 Switch to Manual Mode Step 3 Set shutter speed Step 4 set aperture to lowest setting Step 5 set exposure to lowest value (100-200) Step 6 press shutter button
use flashlight to paint Step 7 evaluate photo
readjust settings Step 8 Gather Equipment camera
light source Create Conditions dark room (indoors)
nighttime (outdoors) longer than 1 second
time needed to create painting the more time spent in part of frame, the brighter image will appear Why? History Recreation Frank Gilbreth: 1914 wanted to track motion as part of a study
unintentionally produced light paintings Gjon Mili: 1930-1940′s created flash photography while at MIT
attatched lights to skates of figure skaters
introduced light painting to Pablo Picasso Jacques Pugin: 1979 won Federal Grant of Applied Arts for his light graffiti simple
requires few resources
gives more control to photographer
create a new perspective
provide emphasis new hobby
send personal postcards
fun to do alone or with group of friends
showcase in exhibit
create a collage
connect pictures together to make a story Raveena Singh
JFE 7 photography=phos (light) + graphis (stylus), means painting with light
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