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7 Propaganda Techniques

No description

Maria Z

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of 7 Propaganda Techniques

Name Calling
Card Stacking
Glittering Generalities
Plain Folks
The person who made this sign it trying to make people to vote for Republican. Since Obama is democratic, and there is some sort of opinion that he's a terrible president to vote for someone who is better that should be a Republican
T- Mobile

Don't have T-Mobile then

You are not part of the whole group
You are not together
Missing out
In the Coca Cola "Big Game" Commercial America is Beautiful brings in multiple variables. A place that the targeted audience (americans) know and live in is being presented while almost subtle appearances Coca Cola is showing up in the commercial.
Uses ordinary people that go through a couple of problems that we all as people do

Students or parents
shopping for school supplies

Gardening moms
getting people to accept your ideas everyday
7 Propaganda Techniques
Kraft Mac & Cheese is an example of Testimony but also of Plain folks in it's other commercials.
The company tries to bring in celebrities that most people knows from either sports or an actress from a popular movie.
Orbit Gum
"A good clean feeling no matter what"
Everyone cares about hygiene well... at least most people do
Uses fact that it absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand

Shows difference between Bounty and bargain brand with both side by side
Has Video
Has video
Has Video
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Has video
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