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No description

jordan davis

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of VANS BRAND ADV.

Strengths- Been around longer than majority of competitors,good brand recognition, strong brand loyalty, good price.
Weaknesses- Targets small group of over-all age demographic, Not enough variety in types of shoes.
Opportunity- To encourage skaters to go with the original skate shoe.
To create better brand awareness thru clever non-traditional advertising in the UK. Show people how the few different styles suit everyone's daily activities no matter what.
Threats-People in UK will be loyal to the "home brand" and not want to buy Vans. Vans are not as popular in UK. Vans aren't seen as a shoe for everyone but, just "skater kids." Converse They Try To Be The Best...But That Spot Is Already Taken. ODESSA Don't You Wish These Shoes Were As Cool As Vans? Osiris and Vans create the same
brand awareness. VANS > Brand Personality:
How It All Began A History 1966: Paul Van Doren fouded Van Doren Rubber Co.
1979: Vans introduces the slip-on shoe
1984: Manufacturing plant opened by Vans in Orange, CA.
1988: Van Doren sells company to McCown De Leeow & Co. in leveraged buyout
1993: Gary Shoenfield is named president & CEO
1995: Vans shuts down facilities in Orange, CA.
1998: Vans opens skateboarding park in Orange, CA. Converse and Vans have the same target market.
Both have similar history, shoe styles, and stereotype. Based in the UK,

these shoes compete

to be the top skating

brand against Vans for British skaters. Odessa was created by young people for young people. This creates competition for Vans because want to be the shoe that grows with the skater. O
S Each of these shoes has the same target market as Vans. Osiris, like Odessa compete with Vans to be known as the elite skating shoe. LOGO: SLOGAN: "OFF THE WALL" 4 P's :
1)Price- on average between $29.99-$49.99
2)Product-shoes and apparel
3)Promotion-social media, outdoor boards, non-traditional advertising.
4)Place-Vans stores, online, skate stores, majority of shoe stores. The hardest thing to do was find a lot of information on the advertising that Vans currently does. I found a magazine ad and a TV commercial from 2012. I think part of their "style" is to be laidback, classic, and let the people come to them. Their brand is very well known in the U.S. Although it is still not popular in the UK people still recognize the brand. Because of its popularity Vans doesn't use the media a whole lot. Media and Current Campaigns MEDIA: P.R. & Sponsorships: Vans supports up and coming skaters in both America and the United Kingdom. In order to be sponsored they have to see true talent. The number of people they sponsor is always changing. They also sponsor Warped Tour and have done so for many years. Current Adv. One Ad they had was in a magazine featuring a pro. skater wearing their shoes. It was located in both UK and US skating magazines. Another Ad/P.R. stunt was the "Vans Anthem Parade" they invited all customes to dress up crazy and stroll down the streets to promote Vans. people were dressed as skateboards or shoes and other crazy things. The parade was filmed and turned into a US commercial CONCLUSION SO what's the point? The target audience with this entire
campaign is young teens/young adults
who are interested in skateboarding.
The main goal was to create brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty. Recommendations: It is important to keep your public up to date as your company continues to grow. Even with a classic, timeless company such as Vans advertising is still needed. The advice our agency is giving would be to promote Vans more in extremely creative ways. Make part of the "off the wall" feel the most interesting part of the entire Vans campaign for 2013. Another intersting thing would be to see Vans promote the people it sponsors in their Ads. Remind people what Vans is proud of. Lastly, the Vans company should create their own event! The anthem parade was such a success that an annual event would be such a good way to reach out to the community. All of these ideas can be done in the US and UK. When it comes to shoes having a similar campaign in two countries won't harm the sales. Did I Learn Anything? I learned that if you're going to work for a company on its advertising you need to feel passionate about what you're doing. It's hard to sort of start the advertising for a company that has been around for so long. They don't do a whole lot of advertising so it was basically like I was helping a company begin. Another thing I learned is that as different as we think we are, the youth of both the UK and US actually have a lot of similarities when it comes to fashion. The personality of Vans shoes is laid back and classic. The company is exciting yet surprisingly relaxing much like riding a skateboard. The brand prides itself on uniqueness. Brand Position: Vans wants to position itself in the mind of consumers as THE best skating shoe. To make people feel sentimental and prideful of a "classic" shoe and create brand loyalty. When people see the shoes Vans wants them to think they are stylish, comfortable, and fun.
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