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mark Sharples

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of UNIT 611 REGENERATION

Types of food suitable for regeneration
Dried foods.

Fresh foods

Ready made products

Frozen foods

Pre-prepared foods

Tinned food
The purpose of regenerated, pre-prepared foods in the industry

Pre-prepared foods have positive points to consider
Consider a few ideas and write them down.
The term regeneration or regenerated referrers to the fact that the process has to take place to bring pre-prepared food back from a unedable state ( ie – dried or frozen ) to a safe and enjoyable condition to eat.
Limitations and implications of using regenerated pre-prepared foods

.Soft fruits
High risk foods
Health and well being
Skill requirements
Life span of food.
Pre-prepared or regenerated foods on health
Introduction to Regeneration of Pre-Prepared Food unit 611
How to make poached eggs Video – 5min.com
Regeneration of Pre-Prepared Food
Develop Knowledge of a range of Regeneration of Pre-Prepared Food .
Be able to select and demonstrate correct and safe use of Regeneration of Pre-Prepared Foods

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:-
Identify the different types Regeneration of Pre-Prepared Foods.
Describe the difference between Rregenerated, Pre-Prepared Products and other food types.
Describe the purpose of Rregenerated, Pre-Prepared Products and other food types.
State the possible limitations and potential implications of using Rregenerated, Pre-Prepared Foods.
Identify the correct methods for Rregenerating a range of Pre-Prepared Foods.
List the general quality points and associated products when Rregenerating Pre-Prepared Foods.
What are the differences between regenerated, pre-prepared products and other food types?
Methods used to regenerate pre-prepared foods
The method used to regenerate pre-prepared foods , differs according to the food type ( dried , fresh, ready-made, frozen, pre-prepared, tinned) and the processing the food has undertaken. The methods used include the following regeneration process.
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