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Courtney's Kidney

Courtney's Kidney is an organization created to fundraise money for an individual with kidney problems. Through FCCLA, the group has been able to give back to the community through the life of a young woman.

Rachael Palmer

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Courtney's Kidney

Courtney's Kidney By Megan Filer, Aubrey Kamp, and Erin Flieg Participants: Megan Filer, Aubrey Kamp,
and Erin Flieg
Chapter: Sainte Genevieve FCCLA
School: Sainte Genevieve High
City: Sainte Genevieve
State: Missouri
Region: Central
Title: Applied Technology – Courtney’s Kidney Project Identification Did You Know? Problems Applying Knowledge Applying Technology Bibliography Through FCCLA, we have learned many technology skills. When we decided to fundraise for Courtney, we wanted to promote our ideas through today's internet access. We used our design and writing skills to create a webpage, an Animoto, and a Prezi Presentation. Knowing Facebook could network members of our community, we created a group for Courtney's Kidney. Using skills we learn on an everyday basis in communication arts class, we were able to write our plans and Courtney's personal story on our website. Also, we used our design and computer skills to create flyers, a website, and a Prezi presentation. Not only did we use our writing and design skills, but we also used our communication skills to encourage others to make donations. While learning about kidneys, we enhanced our Biology skills. Relationship to Family and Consumer Sciences While our project was a success, there were some difficulties along the way. If we could change anything, we would have started our project earlier. In order to solve this problem, we worked harder in a shorter amount of time. Since our fundraisers were planned during the winter season, we were off school due to the weather on the same day as our hat day. As a result, we rescheduled the fundraiser to the following week. We also worked on making a Voki; however, the Voki did not compliment the website. Instead, we focused on making a Facebook page. Another problem we encountered was that during our presentation at Regional STAR Events, we lost internet connection and were not able to show our Animoto video to the judges. Overall, however, our project has been going very well! We demonstrated the family and community services national standard (sections 7.3, 7.4, and 7.5) by showing professional skills, behaviors, and knowledge. We had the opportunity to organize fundraisers and work on interpersonal communication skills. We have evaluated individuals with hardship by learning about Courtney's condition. We were able to help Courtney by raising money, accomplishing the standard of giving services to families in times of need. In America, 26 million people are affected by chronic kidney disease. The average cost of a kidney transplant in the past year in the United States was $262,900. According to Fresenius Medical Care, a leader in kidney disease research, kidney transplants may cause stress on families because of changes in finances, meal plans, and time management. In addition, the one in need of a transplant may experience fatigue while awaiting the long period until the transplant. Even after a kidney transplant, the individual may be at risk for organ rejection, cancer, relapse, high blood pressure, liver disease, infection, and weakening of bones. http://www.nationalkidneycenter.org/chronic-kidney-disease/facts/
http://childrenshospital.org/az/Site1318/Images/Kidney.gif Animoto http://animoto.com/play/QF3tSdFF89znKoluhqghrQ Planning Process Table of Contents Title - Slide 1
Family Photo - Slide 2
Identify Concerns/Set a Goal/Form a Plan - Slide 3
Flyers - Slide 4
Act/Follow up - Slide 5
Relationship to Family and Consumer Science - Slide 6
Kidney Picture - Slide 7
Fact #1-4 - Slide 8 to Slide 11
Applying Knowledge - Slide 12
Problems - Slide 13
Applying Technology - Slide 14
Webpage - Slide 15
Facebook - Slide 16
Bibliography - Slide 17
Project Identification Page - Slide 18
Animoto - Slide 19
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