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Malcolm X: Are Obstacles Overcome?

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Nuwayra Mahreen

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Malcolm X: Are Obstacles Overcome?

Malcolm X:

Are Obstacles Overcome?
Who was Malcolm X?
Malcolm X was an outspoken African American leader and political human rights activist.
He dared to stand up and fight for black power.
Obstacle #1:
Malcolm and his father's attempt to fight back against the discrimination and harassment from white racist groups threatened the dream of equality for all because the racist groups were stronger, and Malcolm's family was eventually forced to move to the north.
Obstacle #2:
The death of Malcolm's father, Earl Little, caused many struggles in the process of achieving the dream. Malcolm's family was very angry and believed that Earl was killed by racist groups. This anger was stored up and eventually used to fuel Malcolm's dream.
Obstacle #3:
Discouragement from role models, or people he looked up to, threatened Malcolm's dream of equality for all because these discouragements often caused Malcolm to doubt himself. These disappointments also led him to eventually drop out of school and therefore have lack of education
later on.
Malcolm's dream was a world of universal brotherhood where each person would be respected as a citizen. He was opposed to racism, capitalism, and religious
intolerance. His dream was an American revolution for
all of us.
What Was His Dream?
What Obstacles Had To Be Overcome In The Process of Achieving The Dream?
1. Discrimination and Harassment

2. Malcolm's Father, Earl Little's, Death

3. Discouragement From People
He Looked Up To
and Harassment
The Death
of His Father
Discouragement From Role Models
Where These Obstacles Overcome?
Malcolm worked hard to overcome the obstacle
that were challenging him in the process of achieving his dream. Malcolm and his family overcame discrimination and harassment by
moving to the north. He overcame his father's
death by using the anger towards the racist
groups to fight for his father. Finally, Malcolm overcame the discouragement by proving
the discouraging people wrong and standing
up for African American power.
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