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The Electrotextiles (Smart Fabrics)

This amazing technology can make phone calls, access your computer, and keep you warm for the winter!

Veronica Li

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Electrotextiles (Smart Fabrics)

Call your friends, play
music, and access
the computer on your clothes! The Electrotextiles
By:Veronica Li A British company named Electrotextiles
invented a type of fabric that can be
embedded with flexible electronic materials and data to create an amazing range of electronic garments that act as your second brain! These handy inventions enable drivers to talk freely over the phone with their hands on the wheel, keep you warm, and can even play music! The designer clothes are wireless, soft,
just like any cloth, and completely
washable! These clothes are currently
powered by a tiny nine-volt battery,
but scientists hope that later on,
they can use human heat to power it. The Electrotextiles have also created
the world's first keyboard that can
be programmed onto your pants or skirt! All you have to do is sit down and type. Other electronic wear include denim jackets with earphones stitched into the hoods, and ski jackets with built-in heaters. They also can connect to the satellite to track lost people. Information Found On:
Eureka Science for Kids
Article Written By: Rama Kumaraswamy
Illustrated By: Sudheer Nath
Smart Fabrics Conference
Credits Smart Fabrics Smart fabrics (also known as electrotextiles) are pieces of electronic material that can be sewn onto clothing. Smart fabrics have sensors made of nanotechnology elements that can measure data about a person's heart rate, body temperature, odor, or surroundings. Therefore, they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Smart fabrics can be made from almost any kind of textile, and most get their charges from fine wires woven into the yarn of fabrics. In this picture, we see
wires and sensors being
woven through the shirt. Overall, I have enjoyed this experience and the chance to learn something that I absolutely did not know about before. The study of science is very intriguing, and I hope to research about it more in the days to come. Conclusion On April 17-19, 2012, more than 150 leaders on the topic of fashion, electronics, and material science were gathered in Miami for the 8th Annual Smart Fabrics Conference! They learned everything from manufacturing technologies in fabrics to convert smart fabrics into consumer health products! Interesting Fact! Building and marketing smart fabric technology
Manufacturing for wearable technology
Developments in applications for smart fabrics (belt, tie, etc.) Topics Discussed During Conference
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