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Copy of Seattle Workshop- 2 hours

Heifer International offers a wide range of resources for K-12 students and teachers

Kim Machnik

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Seattle Workshop- 2 hours

Your Students Can Change the World.
In the world in which they're growing up:
868 million people are hungry
18 million are chronically hungry in the U.S.
...but one man had an idea that could change all that.
Dan West
Spanish Civil War
Powdered Milk
Not Enough
Not a cup, but a cow
Heifer provides livestock
and resources
and training and
technical support
To develop communities and give them a "hand up" out of poverty
13.6 million families moved from poverty to hope
Millions of people in 128 countries and 38 U.S. states empowered to thrive
Nearly 70 years of changing lives and communities for the better
Heifer's Model
Education is a key part of Heifer's mission
Heifer International's global education resources help teachers develop global citizens
global hunger
the interconnectedness of communities and ecosystems
A Different Theme and Geographic Area for Each Level
Animals helping people, people helping animals
Americas (United States)
We are connected- people working together
Africa (Uganda)
You and your community
Europe (Armenia)
People and the environment
Asia (China)
Language Arts
Team Teaching~Interdisciplinary Units~Flexible Lessons
Students become investigative reporters
reading comprehension
writing for a specific audience
critical thinking
research strategies
Students volunteer
Collect sponsors to raise funds for Heifer
soup kitchen
food bank
meals for seniors
Learn about hunger, the world, their communities,
themselves, and how to make a difference
Overlook Farm
Heifer Ranch
Heifer Village
Howell Nature Center
Shepherd's Spring
Visit a Heifer Learning Center for a day or overnight program
Read to Feed
Students collect sponsors for their reading
They're motivated to read, read, READ!
Families around the world benefit from funds raised for Heifer
Kids learn the value of service
Kids practice their reading skills and experiences
The History
The People
The Resources
Transport Issues
What types of work
Who is doing it?
What issues?
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