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Cultures and lifestyles

Grant V. Johnny M. Rossmery P. Celia E. made this enjoy pplz :D

Celia Elias

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cultures and lifestyles

Populations Patterns :D Where people live Migrations In east Asia most people live crowded together in river valleys and basins or on coastal plains. There ,the land and climate are highly favorable for agriculture and iindustry Few people live in East Asia interior which has mountains and has little vegetation In South East Asia populations are also unevenly distributed. About 60% of Indonesia's people live on Java , although this island is only 7% of Indonesia's land area. Nearly 60% of people in East Asia and South East Asia live in rural areas.however in the recent decades most of the people have been moving to cities to find betterpaying jobs and a higher standard of living. In China large cities such as Sanghai ,Beijing and Guangzhou,have populations ranging from 6 million to more then 13 million. Tokyo,Okasa,Nagoya, and Yokohama lie so near to each other they form a megalopsis, or supersized urban area.
Jakarta the capital of indoneisa in southeast asia , has more than 11 million people. People and Cultures :) Ethnic Groups With each east asian country people tend to be similar. In japan about 99 % of the population is ethnic japanese and speak the japanese langauge Koreans make up the largest ethnic group in thier country and speek the Korean language. Religons Additonal to ethnic diversity nearly all of the major religons are practiced in south east Asia. Buddhism spread to the region from south Asia about 2000 yeas ago. The Arts A number of art forms have long been popular in east Aisa & south Aisa. In China, Korea and Japan artists have panted the rugged landscape of their countries. Daily Life In east asia and south east Asia the family is in center of social life. This life style largely reflect the ideas of coafucius especially in east Aisa. Populations Growth To control populations growth China's goverment enacted a policy in 1979 that encouraged families to have no more than one child.... :X In 2005 China population 1.3 billion Other countries in East Aisa and Southeast Aisa also seen rapid population increases due to high birthrates . The populations growth in Japan,South Korea,and Taiwan are actually shrinking. Cultures and Lifestyles Japan Langauge... Homes in river valleys
and crowded together Buddhism Statues..... Graph of China populations....
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