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No description

Sarah Pettycord

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Belize

Objective My classmates should be able to describe where Belize is and its different landforms Map of Belize
and its Neighbors Neighbors: Guatemala
Honduras Belize Landforms and Bodies of Water Annual High: 84.0 F Annual Low: 75 F Temperature: Precipitation: Annual High: 10 inches
Annual Low: 1.70 inches Belize Food Coconut Pie Enchiladas Fried Chicken Meat Pie Belize Clothing Cities Sombreros Fedoras Colorful Ponchos -Belmopan (capital)
-Belize City
-Punta Gorda
-San Ignacio Belize Belize was once known as "British Honduras."
This was because Belize is right next to Honduras and it was once under British control By: Sarah, Jalen, Lexi, Natalie
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