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Great Depression-Recession!!!!!!

No description

randall talbert

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression-Recession!!!!!!

what caused it
what will end it? AND
Who is to blame? The great depression was cause by many things. One of them bein the over production of goods, causing the price of goods to reduce. With the price of good falling at a nose dive, farmers began to destroy their crops and other goods, in order to make prices rise, but it was in vain knowN as black tuesday, the stalk market crashed and took a nose dive. cause of bankers buying stalk with other people's money and people selling back their stalk for much lower prices is one of the causes of the great depression. With the stalk market crashed millions of people world wide lost their jobs, and we'er un able to pay for their homes and other things. many we'er forced to wait in lines for food called "soup lines." IN the fall of 1932 people believed the Hoover wasn't doing his job and what he promised so in1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in november 1932. With fdr in the white house he made new bills and provided public projects in order to give new jobs for people who needed them badly. GREAT RECESSION
D: The great recession that we
are having this day is
being cause by many problems. High taxes and the irs taking money that doesn't belong to them is one of the main problems. The over use and dependents of computers and the fear of Y2K cause many companys to sell away their rights and stalk to computer programs and program writers. People taking out loans from banks that didn't have enough money, caused banks to barrow money from foriegn countrys With so many losing their jobs and unable to pay back the bank loans thousands have lost their homes, ether buy selling of the bank repo-ing With the bank being at most of the main source, you can see that the bank is the main cause of all the chaos THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND RECESSION.
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