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No description

Danielle Slagle

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Pandora

Hook Thesis Name(s) Conclusion Think about being so curious that one day curiousty gets the better of you. For Pandora, this was not just a thought but an experience. Thesis: Think about being so curious that one day curiosity gets the better of you. For Pandora, this was not just a thought but an experience. Pandora By: Danielle Slagle Greek - Pandora meaning"all-gifted" Roman- No Roman name. Pandora was also called "Anesidora" Pandora was sent to Earth by Zeus as revenge. Character's Purpose Pandora was known for being curious. Pandora was the first woman. Birth Myths Hephaestus formed Pandora. Birth Myths Birth Myths Pandora let out evils from the box. Name(s) (Nardo 57) Pandora has a prefix "doron" which in Greek means "gift" (Monaghan 427-428) (Evslin 208) Sent to punish Prometheus. ("Pandora") Pandora was sent by Zeus. ("Pandora") ("Pandora") Pandora got a sealed box. Other Myths Either Epimetheus opened the box or Pandora. Other Myths Other Myths Hope was left. Other Myths Athena gave life to Pandora. ("Pandora") Aphrodite made her beautiful. ("Pandora") ("Pandora") Disease, old age, poverty, evil, famine, war, and ills. (Evslin192) ("Pandora") Told not to open box. ("Pandora") (Monaghan 428) Prometheus warned Epimetheus. Other Myths Pandora hid the box. Other Myth #2 Pandora couldn't sleep so she went to her garden. Other Myths #2 Epimetheus married Pandora. Relationships Pandora had a daughter. "Pyrrha" Relationships Pandora brought sorrow. ("Pandora") (Monaghan 428) Zeus sent Pandora to Epimetheus. (Philip 60) (Nardo 50) Epimetheus was struck by Pandora. Pandora was curious about the box. She polished it every day. (Philip 60) (Evslin 191) Bother her so much she buried it. Thought Hermes was testing her. (Evslin 191-192) ("Pandora") Apollo made her musical. Relationships Relationships Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace. Relationships Hera gave her curiosity. Relationships www.Pandora.com is a music website. Modern Day Relevance "Pandora received many gifts from the gods, including music." Modern Day Relevance Pyrrha appears in Greek mythology later. ("Pandora") (Philip 60) Demeter taught her to tend a garden. (Evslin 190) (Philip 24) (Evslin 190-191) Hermes gave her the box. (Evslin 190) Never know what to expect. (Pandora and the Music Genome) "She was very curious....we celebrate that as a virtue." Website is for the musically curious. (Pandora and the Music Genome) A box or jar. Symbol Known for She opened it anyways. Being the first mortal woman. Greek Name: Pandora "all-gifted" Roman Name: No Roman Name Known for: First mortal woman. Being curious. Symbol: A box, jar, or woman. Symbol A woman.
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