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Henry ford Robber barron or captain of industry

No description

Will Hamer

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Henry ford Robber barron or captain of industry

Henry Ford
Under the microscope Robber baron or Captain of industry? What is a robber Baron? powerful 19th century business man who used questionable means to become powerful and/or wealthy
Dishonest character
Exploitations of workers
corrupting politics
Intimidation What is a Captain of Industry? Helps economy rise
Created something that helps others succeed and support themselves
good character
Gave wealth back to the community
major player in their respective industry So which one is Mr. Ford? lets look at the facts came from humble beginnings
spent years tinkering and perfecting his creations
made the automobile available to the masses
created ford AND Cadillac
he fought through the men with the patent for the automobile for the right to make it (thank god because with out him there would be less moonshiners and with less moonshiners NASCAR might've never been invented)
helped petition the first world war
using his wealth he set up schools and restored towns towns
perfected the assembly line
during the war he helped buy converting his factories to make tanks, planes, guns, and other military vehicles
payed the workers well
decent working conditions
good hours Cons Working conditions still not great and the hours could've been better
some thought he was the "dictator" of Ford motor cars
sometimes intimidated workers
strict leader His most famous cars Ford Thunderbird 'T-Bird' Introduced in 1955 its purpose was to compete with the Corvette. It was a two seater with clean styling, creature comforts and the powerful V8 to give this car the ummf needed to run with the big boys. 1896 Ford Quadricycle The Quadricycle was a toolbox seat mounted on a chassis in front of the engine that powered all four wheels via 10 feet of bicycle chain. The massive 2 cylinder engine produced a staggering 4 horsepower that powered it all the way to an astonishing top speed of nearly 20 mph. since Henry Ford enjoyed a bit of danger he decided brakes where not necessary and neither was a reverse gear, which made parallel parking a bit of a doosy. And the only way it was able to stop was when it broke down on its maiden voyage through the beautiful streets of Detroit. Ford Mustang The ford mustang was created knowing that the biggest population bubble was coming of age in the US in the mid 60's. Baby boomers would rule to 60's and would not be doing so driving their parents cars. power came from a wimpy 2.8 litre OHV straight six that put out 101 HP; followed by a 3.3 litre OHV straight six rated at 116 HP; a 4.3 litre OHV V8 making a modest 164 HP; a 4.7 litre V8 breathing through a two barrel carburetor; a 4.7 litre V8 four barrel carburetor putting out 220 HP and at the top the rumbling high compression, solid-lifter, four barrel 4.7 litre pumping out a lusty 271 HP. Model T Ford GT40 The Model T was popular not for its performance but for its reliability ruggedness and low cost and ease of maintenance and repair. to make it so durable and cheap the care was incredibly simple. It achieved this by having solid live axles each set on a single transverse leaf spring. it was powered by a 177 cubic inch 4 cylinder power plant putting out 22 bhp at a 'screaming' 1600 RPM. rather than having a clutch and sliding gear assembly for the transmission it had a 2 speed forward and reverse planetary box with pedal actuated bands so that crashing gears was less likely. to go even simpler water pumps, oil pumps, starters and generators were non existent. to keep the cost low ford focused on volume and did so by offering 5 body styles five-passenger Touring, two-passenger Runabout, seven-passenger Town Car, seven-passenger Landaulet and two-passenger Coupe. As well as light vans pickups, ambulances, patrol cars, and railroad maintenance cars that ran on the tracks. during the war over 27,000 ambulances were offered to the allied forces. over all the combination of the light weight peppy cheap and reliability of the car helped make this car sell 15,458,781 examples all at around $550. The GT40 was fords way of telling the world that they can in fact make a Ferrari beating super car. In 1966 it won Le Mans making it the first american car to do so and following that up by winning it in 1967, 1968 and 1969. The car was named 'GT' for Grand Touring and '40' representing its overall height of 40 inches. Good old american muscle was used instead of the italian V12s. specifically it came with a 4.2 litre V8, a 4.7 litre V8, a 4.9 litre V8 and a 7 litre V8. weighing a tad over 2600 lbs this car could rocket up to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and on to a top speed of over 205 mph. Although he was a tough business man he still had good intentions and made some of the most successful cars of all time leaving his mark on the world for generations which makes him a clear Captain of Industry.
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