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Playground Redesign Project presentation

No description

Monica Morales

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Playground Redesign Project presentation

Thought Process
Our Plan
Playground Redesign Project
simple design
75% wheelchair accessible
basic components that all kids can use
safe and fun environment
Playground Redesign Ideas
our goal
Why Wheelchair Friendly?
Our Interaction
Jerlina & Tre'lina-
Jerlina: 11 years old; quadriplegic (no longer able to move her upper or lower body)
at the age of four, she was hit by a car while crossing the street; 8 1/2 month stay at hospital
small things that we take for granted and get to do on a day to day basis are a lot harder for her (sliding, swinging, getting from class to class)
needs hard surfaces that she can ride over in her wheelchair- concrete, rubber tiles, or smooth surfaces are best (no uneven surfaces)
needs to be shady and close to water fountains
wider pass ways so she could get through
waist level toys (sand table, tic-tac-toe, steering wheels, etc.)

Timothy, Paula & Tim Donovan-
Timothy: is 10 years old and loves to play Wii and fight with swords
Paula, Timothy's mother, went head-to-head with The Pentagon so that wheelchair friendly parks would be constructed throughout communities
Can not interact with his friends because his wheelchair does not allow him to go on all of the playgrounds
likes to play on mazes, when available, steering wheels, and pirate ship playhouses
needs to be very spacy so that he can fully get around in his wheelchair
playhouse so he can hide- wide enough so he can access it (so he an play hide and seek)
wheelchairs are every hard to maneuver and very bulky, so we need to keep that in mind when deciding where playground components will be located
loves Star Wars, so any space or galaxy related playground components would be very much appreciated
like a normal kid
What we want them to feel
a place where they can interact and play side by side with their friends
being able to feel like a normal kid
not feel left out
be able to use a lot of the components on the playground
What they wanted...
Playground equipment
Clemyjontri Park- wheelchair
wheelchair accessible park
ADA requirements
ADA Requirements-
make a safe, but fun, playgroud that all kids can play on
allow kids to interact and make friends
playing on the middle school & elementary school playground- being a kid again
no excluding
make friends
have the experiences other children get
have fun
Does it have ramps?
Does it segregate any users?
Is the design appealing to everyone?
Does it provide adaptability to the users space?
Does it eliminate unnecessary complexity?
Does it differentiate elements in ways that can be described?
Does it arrange elements to minimize hazards and errors?
Does it provide warnings of hazards and errors?
Does it provide a clear line of sight to important elements for any seated or standing user?
Does it let every child reach all components comfortably for any seated or standing user?
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