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Create Sticky Content

Win Clients Hearts and Minds and watch Profits Grow Online

Jake Krolick

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Create Sticky Content

Prioritize quality & quantity of your web content
Grab attention with unique content and titles
Retain viewers with images, video, titles
Content bumps SEO
Conversion is the ultimate test of content success
Create Sticky Content
Win Clients and Grow Profits Online
Why create it?

What do you think about when we talk about content?
Your content should
your customers!
A good image or video goes a long way
Use photography
in all
of your posts
Invest in a decent digital camera
Canon Rebel (dslr), Nikon coolpix, Canon powershot.
Use your phone
Use social media to help connect and spread content
Balance subject of content work vs. non-work
Tell a good story
Use Images
Place content in areas where people make decisions to purchase
Video stimulates multiple senses
Keep your product videos short - max 2 minutes
Youtube & Vimeo - Free hosting sites - lots of organic traffic.
Be transparent
Tell the story of how products are used
Blogs boost website rankings
Use sound, images, video to break up text
Soundcloud offer free sound hosting
Make a mini-documentary
Showcase the best events and your products
Create interesting angles
Story of Use
Story of use
Connecting to purchase
Product content
Use of 3rd party content
Use of 3rd party content
Content based around interests
Show how things are made
know your demographic and tap into their interests
Crowd Source content
Send lumpy mail, creative press releases or offer "content swaps"
Not expensive - use your phone
Cover your products at events!
Get testimonials - use them
Other peoples words go a long way
Story of creation
Crowd Sourced Content
Quick Tips
Fast Commercials
Education goes a long way
It can be made into easy to digest bites
Make videos with your phone at the show
Infographics are good for making
facts interesting
Infographics - PDF format - can be shared easily
Try making fast commercials
Think of statements that will sit
with your audience
Sound / Music is important
Use professionals
Make a catalog - Print is cool
Hire a professional
Good photos can make or break your brand and content
How much should I spend?
Make a catalog or at least a print piece - why?
Use Pinterest - Why?
Testimonials, Case studies, Sharing
Use Instagram - Why?
Ease of sharing, Photo quality, Numbers
Use ambassadors
Be Transparent
Use/create ambassadors of your company/brand
Find and showcase the people who love you
Hold events - make content
Use your logo - make it appear in lots of places
Use stickers, patches, pins
Contests - request content - use content
Have a motto/mantra - use hashtags - spread
Tell the story in an inspirational way - why?
Photo galleries
Event Recap Video
Playlists to evoke emotion
Share Custom Graphics
Event photos
Create Super fans
Give them lots of love
Empower Super fans - with content
People want to see themselves
All good events should have the following
Recap video - why? How?
Gallery of event images - why? How?
Flickr, ipernity, carbonmade
If there was music a - playlist - why? How?
Spread Content - connect content
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