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SolarWinds Orion Introduction Presentation

An introduction to SolarWinds Orion NPM & APM Modules. Presented May 17, 2013

Woody C

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of SolarWinds Orion Introduction Presentation

Orion an overview of Orion
and its capabilities Solarwinds Orion
Server & Application
Monitor - SAM
Application monitoring and user experience for virtually any application – Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, IIS, any ODBC database
Eliminate the guess work with expert guidance on what to monitor, why to monitor it, and optimal thresholds
Resolve problems quickly with built-in server management to start/stop services, kill processes, and restart servers Solarwinds Orion
Network Performance
Monitor Module - NPM
Powerful Network Fault & Availability Management
Simplifies detection, diagnosis, & resolution of network issues – before outages occur
Tracks response time, availability, & uptime of routers, switches, & other SNMP-enabled devices
Shows performance statistics in real time via dynamic, drillable network maps
Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, & expert guidance on what to monitor & how What is SolarWinds Orion? Orion is a web-based network and service monitoring tool
TEP has been using Orion for infrastructure monitoring and alerting for many years
The modules we use are:
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
Server & Application Monitor (SAM) How Can My Team
Benefit From Orion? PERFORMANCE
Monitor and track server performance and stats
Alert when services or applications not available or hit a pre-set threshold
Historical trending
Proactive - Alert the appropriate team that an issue has arisen BEFORE a call from the user or Help Desk Network Performance Monitor Module - NPM Network Performance Monitor monitors network device and interface availability and performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, CPU, and memory for SNMP and WMI-enabled devices. Network Performance Monitor Module - NPM Network Performance Monitor simplifies network troubleshooting with a Web interface that works the way you do and is LUCID (Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, and Drill-down). Network Performance Monitor Module - NPM Network Performance Monitor provides at-a-glance insight into the health of your network hardware by monitoring, alerting, and reporting on the state of key device sensors including temperature, fan speed, and power supply. Network Performance Monitor Module - NPM Network Performance Monitor’s drag-and-discover performance charts aid in troubleshooting by providing real-time, interactive charts and graphs of key device performance statistics. Server & Application Monitor - SAM SolarWinds application and server monitoring software leverages out-of-the-box application monitors for more than 150 applications, enabling you to keep a close eye on virtually all elements of your critical business applications. Server & Application Monitor - SAM Server & Application Monitor lets you resolve problems in context with built-in actions for starting and stopping services, killing processes, and rebooting servers. Server & Application Monitor - SAM Server & Application Monitor makes it easy to monitor custom applications including component monitors for services, processes, ports, scripts, WMI performance counters, and scripts. Server & Application Monitor - SAM Server & Application Monitor helps you quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues with our integrated, cross-product interface that is LUCID: Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, & Drill-down. Next Steps Determine what is a candidate for monitoring & alerting
Review Maximo tickets - was there an event that could had been monitored / alerted - before the client calls?
Work with Infrastructure Apps to set monitoring and alerts Questions?
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