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PIE by Sarah Weeks

No description

Jennifer Liu

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of PIE by Sarah Weeks

I give this book 4.5 stars
I gave this book 4.5 stars because I liked everything in this book, but I felt like this book didn't really have a proper ending. Although it did have an epilogue so I cannot really complain about it.

By : Jennifer Liu #3
Author: Sarah Weeks
Genre: Historical Fiction
Lexile Number: 930
The main settings in this book were....
Ipswitch city: The author choose this setting because the author probably wanted or liked to go to Ipswitch city, but changed the name a bit.

The PIE shop: The author choose this location because Polly Portman liked pies so much in the book the author gave Polly Portman a pie shop so Polly Portman could give away pies.
Main Characters
Polly Portman
(Polly Portman is the famous pie baker in town, and owns the PIE shop)
(Lardo is Polly Portman's cat)
Alice Anderson (Protagonist)
(Polly Portman is Alice's aunt and Alice is really close to Polly Portman)
Charlie Erdling
(He is Alice's side kick. Alice thinks he is weird in the beginning, but they later become great friends)
The antagonist in this book is unknown until you read this book.

In chapter 1 there is a simile " custard as smooth as silk." The author in this book is comparing custard to silk.
In the book PIE, there is an allusion to Henry David Thoreau's W
In chapter 9 the quote "Things do not change; we do" is a direct reference to Henry David Thoreau.
The main theme in the book PIE is about friendship:
The main theme is about friendship because Alice and Charlie worked together and found out who stole Lardo.
The conclusion in this book does successfully resolve the conflict. Also I will not spoil who will win the blueberry award for best pie and who is trying to find Polly Portman's secret pie crust recipe. To find the conclusion you will have to read the book yourself.
The message in this book is telling us that friendship is very valuable in our lives and that you should cherish what you have.
Thank you for listening!
When Polly Portman passes away, she takes with her the secret to her famous pie crust recipe. In her will, Polly Portman leaves a message to Alice stating that Polly is leaving the recipe to her cat, Lardo, and leaves Lardo in the care of Alice. The problem is that everybody wants her recipe! Suddenly, the whole town is wondering how you leave a recipe to a cat! Everyone in town is now making pies to hopefully win the pie contest held each year since Polly Portman is not around anymore. While everyone in town is busy making pies, someone broke into Polly Portman's PIE shop to try to find Lardo for the secret pie crust recipe. This leaves Alice trying to find who is going to steal Lardo as well as keeping the secret pie crust recipe safe with lots of help from Charlie.
Symbolism & Literary Devices

This book made me feel:
This book made me feel that friendship is more valuable than anything else in the world, even more than rare rubies.
This book made me feel
Why I choose this book:
I choose this book because this was a book I found at the last minute and the summary looked interesting, so I decided to read this book for my presentation.
I would recommend this book to:
I recommend this book to my friends because this book has exciting adventures while searching for the secret pie crust recipe. I also recommend this book to students that like mystery books.

Why I choose this book and recommendations
The PIE shop
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