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The Ghost Wizard

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of DOCTOR WHO

The TARDIS (Time And Relative
Dimensions In Space) The First Doctor:
William Hartnell
Special Item:Cane The Second Doctor:
Patrick Troughton
Special Item:Flute The Third Doctor:
Jon Pertwee
Speical Item:Rose The Fourth Doctor:
Tom Baker
Special Item:10 foot
long scarf The Fifth Doctor:
Peter Davison
Special Item:Petunia The Sixth Doctor:
Colin Baker
Special Item:Funny suits The Seventh Doctor:
Sylvester McCoy
Special Item:Umbrella The Eighth Doctor:
Paul McGann
Specal Item:Stopwatch The Ninth Doctor:
Christopher Eccleston
Special Item:Hand-knitted
jumper The Tenth Doctor:
David Tennant
Special Item:3-D glasses The Eleventh Doctor:
Matt Smith
Special Item:Switch comb DOCTOR WHO
The famous tv show about
The Doctor the last alien of his kind,
the timelords who travel in time and
do their best to try to save planet earth
from evil aliens(as seen below).The doctor
may look human on the outside but on the inside
he has 2 hearts which are usefull because,if he gets
shot or anything thats supposed to kill him he will
regenerate, but his face has to change. The Doctor
trvels in a time machine called the T.A.R.D.I.S.
(Time And Relitave Dimensions In Space) Ood
Weapon:Orb Slitheen
Weapon:Collar Davros
This means BAD WOLF which is
the end of the universe.It is when Daleks
overrun the earth and universe but mostly earth
Daleks are the ulimate killing machine.If you see a Dalek then your about to die. DOCTOR WHO BY:NOAH RICHARDS-TAYLOR
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