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Ashlee Ademolu

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of GEO.

Lagos, Nigeria
Kingston, Jamaica Windsor, Ontario

VS. Hello, my name is LAFONDA.SHANKWA and I have been living in Jamacia since I was born. The crime and eduaction are poor and theres not alot of jobs due to this I would like to migrate some where else then but don't get me wrong Jamaica, has nice food, warm weather nice people but I need to migrate to a place that benefits me well.

The Pulls Of Jamaica : The Push Of Jamaica : Crime & violence are results of poor justice system local terrorits. The economy.... The cost of education the cost of living and good health care, also underpaid employees and high unemployment rate. Dirty poltics and corruption Limits in education and job opportunites/salary The people are great and funny love, careing, creative people of community & hospitially. Jamaica may not be as wide of education but offers a good quailty of primary&secondary schools, and the tertiay levels are cheaper. Amazing food ( Ackee & Salt fish, curry chicken , and roti ), Jamaican Patties . Yummmmmmm ;) Migration: Jamaica's net loss from emigration totaled 145, 800 betweeen 1891 and 1921. However the domestic unemployment countined from " brain thread " losing as much as 40% of it's middle class. The great disparity between ural and urban income levels to the exodus of rural dwellers to the cities were many migration remain unemployed for lack of neccessary skills. In 2000 the net migration rate was 7-4 migraition per 1,000 population amounting to 9 loss of 19,000 people. Jamaica was hosting 25 refugees, most from Cuba , Haiti and other places. This map shows the postive, negative also stable & no data of net migration in 2008 The postive represents more people entering the country than leaving it . The negative value means more people leaving than entering it.
Agriculture : Nigeria grows alot of crops such as,
palm oil

they also have a livestocks cows, chickens, ducks, pigs and also turkeys. The providing employment for 70% of the population, agriculture is a major source of econmic activity is a major. Okay, before I get started with the criterias to let you know GDP means Gross Domestic Product,
Payments on foregin investments. Jamaica's Agriculture : Jamaica produces banana's, coffe, spices and coconuts etc. This reigons weather wicth incluedes season, hurricanes. Jamaica is the 3rd largest foreign exchange earner and the 2nd largest employer of labor. Windsor's economy is primarily based on manufacturing, tourism, education, and government services. It is one of Canada's major automobile manufacturing centres and is often referred to as the Automotive Capital of Canada. Economy : Education : Windsor is home to the University of Windsor, which is Canada's southernmost university. The university with a student population of over 15,000 full-time and part-time undergraduate students and over 1000 graduate O.K. let me put it this way, Windsor dosen't really have the stuff I need to show my point. So I've Chosen ........ Kingston, Jamaica. Neither Windsor or Nigeria.
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