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Classification of Textile Finishes

No description

Claire Kupris

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Classification of Textile Finishes

Classification of Textile Finishes

Aesthetic Finishes: Modifies the appearance or drape of fabrics
Classification of Finishes
Is removed after the first few washings of the garment
Temporary Finishes
Semi-Durable Finish
Lasts through several launderings/dry cleanings
Is renewable through home laundering and dry cleaning
Semi-Durable and Durable Finishes
Involves a chemical change in fiber structure
Does not change throughout the lifespan of the fabric
Permanent Finishes
Chemical Finishes: Applied to fabric by padding, then curing or drying
Mechanical Finishes: Physical treatment to a fabric's surface to alter the fabric's appearance
Durable Finish:
Lasts throughout the lifespan of the fabric
Finish does not diminish over time through the cleaning of the fabric
Near the end of the use of the article of clothing, the finish is almost nonexistent
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