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Nursing Leadership

No description

Hayley Scalf

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Nursing Leadership

Thank You!
What I did
Educated a student on my current clinical placement at Seniors Central Home Care as a Case Manager
Some Education I Provided
The difference between a Case Manager and Interventionist in home care
My Motivation
My motivation comes from my passion for home care. I strongly believe in home care for seniors as the population continues to age and the number of seniors increases. Although I have found this passion for home care, there was not any education provided to me to learn about it. I found out about homecare through my own research and looking for a job. I felt compelled to share my experiences with another nursing student who is just starting on their path.
How I Made a Difference
I made a difference by sharing my experiences and education with one individual which in turn can spread.
Who was it for
Hayley Scalf-Kostiuk
Future Leadership EXpansion
A first year student who could not attend their observation day
Case Manager: a registered nurse who coordinates care for clients living in their home, helps individuals access resources and professional services
Interventionist: can be a registere nurse or licensed nurse, provide more of the hands on care including wounds, injections, home parental therapy, and catheter care
What other professional services are available to clients through home care including some of the following: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, dietician
What the agencies offer including personal care, companionship, homemaking, respite care
Types of assessments used in home care including the RAI which shows us how many hours clients are allowed to have through the agency and professionally
Working in home care requires an individual who works well in a team and is very strong independently
I believe that there needs to be more education on this area and what it has to offer for seniors, as well as nurses.
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