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Explore my institution - UTS:INSEARCH

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Thao Duong

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Explore my institution - UTS:INSEARCH

Explore my institution - UTS:INSEARCH
What make UTS:INSEARCH unique?
There are several reasons why I choose to study at UTS:INSEARCH
My own experience
New life at UTS:INSEARCH over the last semester, which also assists me in preparing for my studies at UTS
What do I like about UTS:INSEARCH?
Classroom & Teachers
the classes are small which allow for interactive discussion with my classmates, helping to broaden my perspective , and learn from the other students,
Teacher are friendly, enthusiastic, experience and due to the limited size of classroom, I can receive plenty of assistance and support
Student Lounge & Life
A place to escape after study hard
A place to relax with friends over a coffee, enjoy a quiet space for research or group work
UTS:INSEARCH is situated at the heart of the city, which makes it easy and convenient to get there, in fact, everything u need is right to doorstep
It gives students the chance to go directly to their second year of studies in UTS, and provides the necessary academic skills to smoothly transition into UTS with minimal difficulties since UTS:INSEARCH is the pathway provider to UTS
This institution also offers different for career and future after graduating
Teaching method
UTS:INSEARCH provides university-level education needed for your university study and future career, and, tertiary teaching methods with a additional support
So let's hear our students share their experience
Activities club
The UTS:INSEARCH Activities club is a student-led social group with lots of fun such as:
I had the opportunity to meet many people from different backgrounds, which giving me a chance to learn new languages
Understanding various religion’s culture and customs can improve my knowledge, contribute to strengthening communication, and enhance the capability of cross-cultural communication.
Build up skills
UTS:INSEARCH gave me a chance to learn many skills, particularly academic skills, that offer an advantage over other students
I experienced in how to present well, engage to the audience, and built up my confidence, as I did many presentations.

It also helps me to gain time management skills, and how to conduct an experiment
The learning assistance tutorials, which help to get risk of struggling in any assignments
The Academic Advisors available to council me when I faced any struggles within and outside UTS:INSEARCH
BBQ's and parties
Games days
Sports competition
Excursions to various other locations
A place of light, of liberty, of learning, and make everything happen
There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with UTS:INSEARCH.
Sydney best attraction such as Chinatown, Sydney Opera House, etc. are all closeby
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