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No description

Peyton Randle

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of SEWING PILLOWS!!

By. Trinity and Peyton
Students will learn how to sew with a machine. They will use the information they learn to make a pillow!!
What is it?!
Elias Howe invented the first American sewing machine in 1846. It was used for fixing clothes at a factory use, and on production lines. The sewing machine was created in September 10,1846. The sewing machine was used for making blankets ,and clothing .It made sewing much easier ,and faster
Sewing is the action of binding the 2 fabrics together.
*must be "8x8"
*needs to have 2 types of stitching.
*2 different designs

*Cut your fabric according to the dimensions leaving half an inch on all the sides.
*Turn the fabric to where the ugly side is showing and put the pretty sides together "faces together"
*Sew three of the edges together leaving one side open.
*Flip the pillow right side out and poke the
corners out to make them pointy.
*Stuff the pillow until it is to your desired fill and sew it back up!
Students will place pillows in the back of the room (on counter) to be graded.
clean up
Students will put machines in the large cabinets. Extra thread will be put in a bin/bucket
The 2 best pillows (we will vote) and put pictures on the iltexas keller website!
Project description
don't forget to ask for help!
Neiman Marcus also was part of inventing the pillow in 1846. He created luxury pillows that were very popular!!
Students will try and imitate what Trinity&Peyton say, and do. Try and imitate the stitch the fastest and most correct!
Trinity and Peyton will bring 5 sewing machines and students will divide into groups accordingly (along with cloth, and thread). Make sure to take good care of the machines, if you brake or mistreat them your privileges will be revoked and you will have to pay for the damage done!
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