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The Truman Show

No description

Marco Gutierrez

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of The Truman Show

can we know anything a lot? 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c During one of his flashbacks, we can see his teacher telling young Truman that he should give up on his hopes of becoming an explorer since everything had already been found. In order to make sure Truman still didn’t have hopes on going in the water, they “drowned” his father so they could keep Truman on the set. “He’s not a performer, he’s a prisoner. Look at him, look at what you’ve done to him!” Sylvia angrily cries out. Truman has been kept on stage for far too long. He notices some unusual happenings and then he starts to listen to his inner voice. Summary of Scene: Truman is in the car with Meryl, they
have nothing to do so Truman decides
to be spontaneous, to follow what his
senses say. They drive around in
circles being crazy & spontaneous until
at one point Meryl gets desperate of
Truman´s spontaneity. The Truman Show
Philosophical Analysis Theme: Rationalism & Empiricism Question: Is Truman relying on his senses or the power of human reasoning? Analysis: In my opinion Truman is trusting more on his senses. He is there in the car with Meryl, they have nothing to do, so Truman decides being spontaneous or in other words the resulting from a natural impulse or tendency, without effort or premeditation. So basically we can clearly identify what technique Truman uses in this scene since being spontaneous connects with natural feelings or behavior or in other words following our own natural senses. Analysis Question How did Truman become an independent person to the extent of creating an example of transcendentalism? Truman lived a life where he had been filmed since his birth up to the point where his actions revealed to him that he wasn’t as alone as he thought he was. He never knew how to make his own decisions, learn to say ‘no’ to what society offered him, and take actions to make his dreams come true. Truman had always lived to what society offered and never took a stand for what he believed in. People around him were always telling him that he couldn’t do anything because apparently everything was already done or made.Truman has been kept on stage for far too long. He notices some unusual happenings and then he starts to listen to his inner voice. As we reach the end of the movie, Truman shows individual excellence by using what he knows and what he learned, to go and discover his exit from living in a fake world and his entrance into reality. He learned to follow his own instincts and not orders by everybody else throughout the movie, making nonconformity a major example of transcendentalism in the Truman Show. Summary of Scene Theme Kantian Trascendentalism Trailer in this scene we see first in the trailer we see how the character is living a fictitous life and is part of a tv show where all his life is exposed. than in the other scene we see the ending of the movie where the character finally realizes his life has been a lie all of the time this movie is a clear example of these two things to start with the movie tells the life a man whi lives in a tv show and does not know, he thinks his livinga normal life. basically our question is answered very fast. we humans trust our sight over any other sense and because of this reason the theory of seeing is believing is true. for example truman saw his life observe how everything seemed normal but he is tricked and does not have a clue he is in a tv show, this is where the connection to skepticism exists, are we really alive? am i really typimg this? trumans example is a clear method of showing how this can apply to us, are we part of a tv show?is this a dream? the thing is there is no way to prove right or wrong. for every position there will always be a counter argument . so bascially skepticism is a never ending question based on doubt. we are not able to fully proove that we are alive. even though strong beliefs based on religion and reality thereis always going to be a counter argument. so as i said before this only lives with one question to answer. can we know anything at all? ANALYSIS
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