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NG pres

No description

mona walsh

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of NG pres

Take The Experience Online
My view of the National Gallery brand and the direction it should take
Digital innovations the National Gallery could harness under my leadership in the first year and what they would achieve
The Challenge
What is the National Gallery?
The National Gallery has meaning for people
But it means something different to visitors
To harness the good will, passion and joy the visitors feel and use it to change the perception of the National Gallery as old fashioned and stuffy
Refresh the perception of the National Gallery by taking the experience beyond the gallery and out to the world through digital innovation
Free Entry
Reason for being - to preserve & share the collection
Expertise available online
Resident Artist - free exhibition
The Collection
The Building/Location
Access isn't just about accessing the paintings or the gallery - it's about accessing your authority in a way that feels comfortable to people.

Taking that expertise and adding digital thinking we can produce online experiences that are relevant and open to a bigger and broader audience.

Our audience's digital experience will be
Accessible, useful, relevant, entertaining, educative, amazing, easy to use and available
To do this we will
Embrace digital across the organisation
Share our expertise, knowledge, thought-provoking opinions. etc
Be audience focused and insight driven
Prioritise the user experience over internal structures
Ensure a consistent experience across all National Gallery properties

What social can offer the National Gallery
Insight - Audience motivation and behaviours in real time
Reach - engage more people and a broader audience through your communities
Perception - enrich the sharable gallery experience so your visitors advocate for you
Engagement - Develop sense of belonging through user generated content/user curation
Revenue - micro fundraising, s-commerce, path to purchase, intelligent data
Efficiency - crowd sourcing, user generated content.

What mobile can offer the National Gallery
Reach and engage people in the moment - when they are at the gallery, planning their visit, remembering and sharing the experience.
Enhances and prolongs their experience
Makes it easy to share their experience as it's happening
Data capture for future marketing
Revenue stream, some paid for content (e.g. in gallery video tour app)

Enriched, sharable experiences
1. Wifi in the gallery
2. In Gallery App
3. QR codes, touchscreens for interactive/multimedia info on paintings
4. Tablets for staff
5. Hash tag on display to facilitate conversation

In -Gallery Virtual Tour
Free version (we collect data) & enhanced paid for version (multiple languages, access to digital paintings, etc)
Watch & listen to experts talk through the story of the painting you are looking at.
Option to buy poster and have it ready in the shop when you leave
Share preloaded copyright images
Star & heart favourite paintings - App points towards online conversations, bloggers, groups etc talking about that painting
Digital message board (twitter)
Continue beyond visit - painting of the month alerts, new products, news, art on Sunday morning etc.
We understand their experience and can personalise future comms.
Personalsing an experience makes it mean more to people. By offering the ability to personalise content from the NG, people will feel a deeper sense of belonging.

EG, an app in Facebook where people can curate their own gallery or their own shop where they earn commission from sales
My National Gallery
Digital Principles
The Vision
You have authority, but need to become more accessible, as a brand
The Sweet Spot
e-commerce - update the path-to-purchase and promote products at relevant points on user journey across all properties.
s-commerce - explore and trial crowd selling such as personalised shops, blogger sales etc.
Fundraising - explore the options of micro donations, SMS and crowd funding
Subscriptions - paid for content model to complement free content, such as courses, e-books, apps etc.
Membership - investigate a tiered system with digital and real world benefits
e- tickets - enabling data capture, personalisation and access to online content
CRM - increase efficiencies with a central intelligent CRM system, that enables personalised communications.

What digital revenue can offer the National Gallery
Not only can we look at increasing revenue through the channels we have, but embracing the world of digital opens up a raft of other revenue possibilities that lead to increased revenue, awareness, engagement and a more accessible brand perception.
My Approach
Insight driven
Goals focused
More than website transactions

Accessible Authority

National Gallery Digital Vision
Presented by Mona Walsh
8th October 2013

Taking the National Gallery experience online
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